Ken In 2007, I became a teacher. A middle school math teacher. During my first year of teaching, I gained a considerable amount of weight, started having abdominal pain and high blood pressure. I hit 250lbs and found that I always needed to use the bathroom after eating. I learned where all the bathrooms at Wal-mart, Publix and Home Depot were. This continued for a couple of years and then in 2011 I found out that I had Celiac’s Disease. What I find glaring is that I tested positive after eating Paleo for a month doing a Paleo Challenge at my gym. I wasn’t eating gluten and tested positive.

The weight came off until it didn’t anymore. The “joys” of having an autoimmune disease is that you are susceptible to more. In 2014, I tested positive for hypothyroidism, after letting my doctor know that I was lethargic and unable to keep weight off. I went back to diet, as I did not, and have not taken any medication for my thyroid. I followed the Autoimmune protocol. I cut out all potential problematic foods and set about to heal myself. I found what foods I can eat and what foods I cannot eat for my health.

I have learned the power of food. I know what foods will make me sick. I know what foods will keep me healthy. Once you learn to eat healthy, you will see the weight fall off. Learning how to eat will keep you full longer, remove cravings, and make you realize all the food you eat out of boredom. I’m not going to ask you to do anything that I haven’t already done to myself. My goal is to teach you everything I have learned so that you can be the person you want to be.

During my journey, I have become an Olympic Weightlifting Coach, an ACE certified personal trainer, and in 2017 my proudest certification, my StrongFirst Kettlebell Certification. I am also a Primal Health Coach as I am turning 40 and heading to Germany later this year to compete in the Highland Games World Masters Championships, as a lightweight.

Why did I join My Body Tutor?
The same reason I became a teacher. I want to help people. The system at My Body Tutor allows me to develop a real relationship with someone and help them. It always helps to have someone there to support and guide you. I know I can help you get to where you want to be and My Body Tutor is unlike any other program I’ve come across. There is no one single diet, but there is a way for you to be healthy, and we can find that together through daily communication and accountability through the My Body Tutor system.

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