Kim W. Let’s just say that I can’t remember a time in my life when health and fitness were not a passion and a significant part of my life. Growing up, I was a cheerleader and gymnast but it wasn’t until I joined the gym for the first time that I really caught the fitness bug! I loved the sense of community that the gym had to offer and I couldn’t get enough. My eating habits weren’t the healthiest, but once I started going to the gym regularly, I decided to take my nutrition more seriously. I was even able to get my entire family on board with eating healthier!

During college was a dark time for me personally. The stress of maintaining good grades and figuring out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life was difficult. I went on to develop an unhealthy relationship with my body and with food. My desire to have complete control over something in my life turned to how much food I put into my body and the methods I used to burn calories. I restricted calorically dense foods and basically survived on a short list of “safe” foods and when I ate anything that wasn’t on that list, the compulsion to over-exercise kicked in. This restrict/binge cycle continued for about five years. Looking back, I realize that my emotions played a huge role in these disordered tendencies.

It wasn’t until I met a personal trainer at my gym that all my prior beliefs about exercise and nutrition were changed. He taught me that there were healthier, more sustainable ways that could help me get to my goals that didn’t involve hours of cardio and a restrictive diet. With this newfound knowledge and a whole new perspective, I wanted to learn everything I could about nutrition. I was interested in the science and psychology behind dieting and I was on a mission to learn why so many people can lose weight, but struggle to maintain weight loss. I read every research study and scientific journal I could get my hands on! I was and still am a complete nerd and I absolutely love the science and psychology part of nutrition. I wanted to spread all of this knowledge and help other people so I decided to pursue a NASM personal training certification. During that time, I also took anatomy/physiology and nutrition courses at Adelphi University so I could further help and educate my clients.

My personal fitness journey has been a long but rewarding experience. I truly believe that each and every one of us has our own personal fitness journey to go on. I wouldn’t change a thing about the obstacles that I faced because I know it has molded me into the person I am today. Progress is not linear and we will all face roadblocks along the way. Today, I have developed a healthier relationship with food and am so grateful to share what I’ve learned with others. I’ve had the opportunity of being able to utilize my degree in journalism to contribute to various fitness magazines and websites as well. I know this is what I’m meant to do and I couldn’t imagine my life any other way!

Why I joined My Body Tutor:

There is a ton of information out there about health and fitness, a lot of it misleading and untrue and it can be overwhelming. I want to help you sift through all of the nonsense and teach you the tools that will help you reach your goals. Feeling confident in your body and having a healthy relationship with food is so incredibly rewarding. I think everyone deserves to have that no matter where they are on their fitness journey.

You don’t have to do this alone! MBT will be with you every step of the way, giving you the feedback and support you need to make reaching your goals feasible. We will listen to any concerns and fears you have, without judgement. Basically, we will be your biggest fan!

I believe there isn’t a one size fits all exercise or diet plan that will work for everyone. By working with me, we will use the information you provide about your health history and your goals to design a individualized plan specifically for you. We will conquer all the hurdles, challenging situations and failures that are inevitable on your journey, together one step at a time.

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