Kim As far back as I can remember my weight has been an issue – with constant chatter in my head about what I should eat, what I shouldn’t eat, and why I should feel badly about not being as naturally thin and gorgeous as my bombshell friends. (Well, I didn’t think that exact thought when I was really young, but you get the drift.)

I was forever calculating calories or points or grams of fat… and I would work really hard and be super strict following whatever the diet of the day might be.

And the weight came off. Too bad it always came back.

As soon as I stopped being super strict with my diet, or freed up brain space from obsessing over counting calories and allowed myself to think about other stuff… (did you know that not EVERYONE thinks about what they can eat or not eat ALL OF THE TIME?) the weight would come back.

And every time this happened, I would hate myself a little bit more for whatever “it” was that was wrong with me, that kept me looking like I did and feeling so miserable.

This cycle continued for years.

Time passed and life wasn’t just about me anymore. I got married and had two babies. Life was good, but stressful. Lots of big life adjustments and lost sleep. The body that I already hated, was now just unrecognizable. I knew that if I was going to live the life I wanted for myself, I had to get my shit together for real with my health.

This time my motivation had less to do with the perfect jeans or a bikini body. I was bound and determined to set a better example for my kids so that they wouldn’t have to struggle like I did.

I’d always been interested in nutrition (in my search for the perfect diet!) but I expanded my reading to include the role of habits and mindset. The more I learned and implemented these new skills the more I was able to transform my own health. That led me to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where I received my certification in Holistic Health and Wellness.

Why I wanted to join MBT

I wanted to be a part of MBT because to me it represents exactly what people need. Real help to live a healthy lifestyle, without giving up their happiness in the process. The simple, straightforward approach to weight loss and overall health is brilliant and the support and guidance from your tutor helps you to learn the skills to change your relationship with food.

I know that you are capable of living the life that you want for yourself, and this is where it starts.

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