Krisann Hey there, I’m Krisann! I honestly never really gave much thought to my health or my weight growing up. For the most part, I was pretty trim, although I never viewed myself that way because I have always carried weight in my midsection. I was active in dance groups in high school and college and although dancing kept me pretty active, I did put on weight throughout college. I did not necessarily view it in a negative light. You see, I’m from a Caribbean background, and it was deemed “normal” or “healthy” to be bigger. However, I do remember feeling shame around my weight when it came to certain things. I would always have to get the larger sized costume, if there was one. I was the only one in my circle of friends that wore double digit sized clothes. Subconsciously, I was embarrassed by the way I looked.

After college, the weight just piled on from there, again mostly in my midsection. I was never really into fad diets; I just accepted it as part of getting older and being in the “real world” where no one had time to work out and eat right 24/7. My annual checkups were always ‘normal’ and my numbers always seemed to be in line with someone who was in great health. I remember my doctor always saying to me that I should lose a few pounds and of course he never gave me the guidance for how that should be done. Then one day, he told me that I was prediabetic. Well, at that point all bets were off. You see, there are women in my family that suffer with diabetes, and I refused to be one of them. That was the first time I began to look at my health and take it seriously. I began monitoring what I was eating, I increased my water intake (by this time I had already given up soda and all other sweet drinks so it was just a matter of making sure I was having ENOUGH water on a daily basis), and I began going to the gym. A few weeks later when I went back to the doctor, he told me that my sugar levels were back in the normal range and that I was no longer prediabetic. I was relieved. Guess what happened next?

I went right back to doing what I was doing before he told me I was prediabetic! The regular gym dates were done and I began eating whatever and WHENEVER I wanted again. My water habit stuck though. Whenever I would feel like I was heading down the diabetic path again, I would ramp up my “quick fix” and it would work.

A few years later, some other life changes happened, and I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and told that I would be on medication for the rest of my life. This knocked the wind completely out of my sails. I began the medication regime, which I absolutely HATED. I also began to research about my condition to seek natural remedies. It was at this time that I decided to become a Health Coach and started to help myself heal with FOOD instead of meds. A wonderful byproduct of that has been weight loss. I have also become more focused, and I have energy to run around with my toddler. Since graduating with my health coach certification, I have become a Zumba Instructor and I have made it my mission to help people take control of their own health by empowering them to make wise and practical lifestyle choices so that they can live full, healthy lives. If I can do it, trust me, so can you. “There is no one giant step that does it. It’s a lot of little steps.” Nothing is impossible!

Why MBT?

I came across MyBodyTutor as a referral from another coach. The main thing that stood out to me after viewing the site was the focus on the psychology of weight loss. Everyone knows what to do, what to eat, and why it’s important, yet they don’t do it. That is what most people are missing and that is where MyBodyTutor shines. I feel honored to be a part of this movement and to have the opportunity to truly help people turn their lives around. I’m looking forward to helping you create your own wellness identity so that you can live your best life now! Let’s get it!

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