Leslie Hey, Leslie here! While I have been fairly active over the years, my interest in health and fitness did not come until my 40s. After a divorce I was a single mom of three who had lost her self confidence. I took up running, then joined a gym and signed up with a trainer. I soon found that this was much more than a new hobby – it was something I found for me, something for myself. All too often we put everyone else first and forget about ourselves. After 15 years I was finally putting myself first – well at least towards the front of the pack!

I challenged myself with races, mud runs and a marathon – all things I had never experienced before! The confidence I gained taking on a new challenge and completing it was life changing – literally!

I went on to get my certifications in Personal Training and Pilates and started to train people. What I really love is helping people see all the rewards for their work. I enjoy helping people learn and grow more confident as they take control of their health. That is what I get the most joy out of – seeing other’s success with health and fitness and how that success spills out into so many other aspects of their lives! For me it led to meeting my husband and now enjoying our blended family of 7!

I realized my lack of confidence was affecting me physically and emotionally. Until I understood that, nothing was going to change. The challenges I took on were just what I needed to get the confidence to take care of myself. It took some time, self reflection and work to get my foundation set – to make taking care of myself a daily habit, not a chore!

I believe it is the most worthwhile thing you will do, not only for yourself but your family and loved ones. I am here to help you achieve that – one day at a time!

So, why did I choose MBT? I love coaching people, I love seeing their progress. The challenge is not knowing what clients are doing for the rest of the week. Having the consistency and constant contact with clients here at MBT is a game changer – personal support, consultation and accountability on a daily basis! Helping and watching people actually change their lives for the better one step at a time – that’s what we are all here for!

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