Lynn Lynn McDonnell here! I am a 30 year Music Industry Executive turned Life Coach and ICBCH certified Hypnotist. I converted myself from a corporate control freak to a self-proclaimed spiritual geek.

I had an illustrious career filled with glitz and glam, backstage parties, working with and meeting rock stars and living high on the hog where “Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll” was prevalent. My work was my life and my life was my work. I honestly couldn’t delineate between the two. I guess that’s what happens when you’re having a blast! Until you’re not!

I was constantly on the road, often catching the first flight out in the morning. My schedule was jam packed with meetings, meals and concerts. My day ended around 1AM, only to do it again the next day. I was running on coffee and adrenaline and found myself stressed out, exhausted and always feeling like crap.

Because I lived my career, I was also missing family life. Still single in my early 40’s I embarked on becoming a single Mom by choice. The funny thing is it’s a tad challenging when your eggs are past their prime! After two years of trials, tribulations, and mindset shifts, I gave birth to two healthy twin girls with the help of egg and sperm donation. I am beyond blessed to be their Mom, and live in immense gratitude everyday for the last 12 years.

Juggling twins at an “advanced maternal age” can be challenging. Trust me when I say, I know what operating in overwhelm feels like. I know what eating on the run feels like. I know what it feels like to put myself last, abandon my workout routine and skimp on my self care. I KNOW STRESS because I wore it like a badge of honor.

I also know how important it is to be the healthiest version of myself for me and my kids! Plus I want to be around until I’m 100 to see them flourish. I can imagine you do too or you wouldn’t be here.

Something had to change, so I’ve spent the last 5 years being the consummate student of all things personal growth. I learned to meditate, to slow down, to BREATHE, and to ask myself hard questions. I’m obsessed with quantum physics and what makes the world go around! I could spend hours talking about why we are here in the jungles of space and time called earth. I truly believe we are all here to be happy.

I also learned lasting change only happens from a subconscious identity shift. This is why I became a certified hypnotist. The mind is so fascinating and mastering it is the key to a fulfilled and healthy life! This is why I joined MBT. This program is not a diet, it’s a LIFESTYLE shift.

I promise I can relate to what you are experiencing, and through MBT we will reach your goals together!


I love 80’s hair bands, and probably met most of them

I can sell ice to an Eskimo

I am Oprah’s Biggest Fan

The Rock & Bruno Mars are my big & small man crushes

Shoes – it’s all about the shoes!

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