Matt M.

Matt M. Growing up, I was not the jock, the all star athlete, the popular kid, and especially not the fit and healthy kid. I was a marching band nerd with acne who loved music, drums, pro wrestling, and sci fi.

I began working out and improving my nutrition just before I went into college. I’ve had a few times in my life where I ballooned in weight myself. I even weighed in at about 235 pounds at one point!

During this experience, I was not only very overweight, but also deeply depressed, and full of anxiety.

One day, my very honest boss approached me and said “Matt, you need to drop some weight”. I took this comment very seriously and went on to lose 50 pounds in 3 and a half months. (This was no easy feat.)

Since then, I have been able to maintain a healthy weight of around 185.

Not only that, but I was also able to naturally cure my own anxiety, depression, and acne, using simple nutritional techniques and fixing nutritional deficiencies.

Despite this hard time in my life of being really heavy and struggling emotionally, I am thankful I went through it. It was a major learning experience.

And because of that, I have now been able to help many others successfully achieve weight loss and also maintain it afterwards as I have.

For the last several years, I have been working primarily with people struggling with mental health conditions such as chronic depression, anxiety, bipolar, and even schizophrenia.

I’ve been able to bring nutrition to the table, to not only help these folks lose the weight they want, but also reduce and sometimes completely eliminate negative mental health symptoms like depression and high anxiety as I did for myself.

I truly have a passion for helping people and am very grateful I have been able to do this for a living the last several years.

Why I Joined MBT

I am now even more grateful that I get to be a part of MBT. I came across MBT and I really loved how they presented their services. I was immediately drawn in.

I realized when I came across this company that they have very similar values that I do and helping people achieve their goals is priority # 1. This is why I decided to apply to become an MBT tutor.

More About Me & My Style Of Coaching

I am a very genuine, caring, honest, and sometimes comedic person. I like to keep things as light hearted as possible, while also giving the most honest feedback as I can. I am very understanding of the journey of weight loss and the emotions that come with it, as I have been through them myself.

I am very passionate about nutrition and believe it should be the #1 focus on the journey to better health. I teach people how to keep the foods they love in their diet by using various timing and ingredient substitution strategies which help to avoid any weight gain or bodily damage. This is how I am able to eat peanut butter pie (my favorite dessert) fwithout worrying about weight gain or becoming unhealthy.

I am very excited and sincerely look forward to having the privilege to work with MBT and using my skills and experience to help people achieve the amazing results they may have not thought possible for them.

I truly believe that with the right information, coaching, and self-belief, we are all capable of achieving the body and life we desire. This is exactly what I continuously strive to help my clients achieve.


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