Matthew C.

Matthew C. Health and fitness was not always a huge priority in my life. I grew up an active kid. I loved being outside, I loved football, baseball, golf, fly-fishing, rock climbing, surfing and mountain biking. I was raised half on whatever my mom cooked, and half on fast food garbage, colored beverages, and relying on my youth to keep me going.

At the age of 14, as a seemingly perfectly healthy freshman in high school, my life was changed forever.

A routine MRI of my spine I had from a football injury revealed Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Since entering clinical remission over 13 years ago I have developed a deep passion for health and wellness, not only as it pertains to myself, but imparting my findings on those around me in order to help them better their own lives. I work with countless individuals developing workout routines, helping to develop flexible meal plans, working to optimize sleep, maintain a work life balance, and even practicing mindfulness – to help individuals recognize how all of these pieces can tie into our overall health.

I am a true believer that we are a system of systems. All of these factors play a small but crucial role in promoting our overall fitness, prevention of disease, and aid us in being happy, productive people. Through my experiences, I feel obligated to share what I have learned. Our health is ours to maintain, and with the right guidance and support plus a little motivation we can dramatically change our lives.

I wanted to join the MBT team because I want everyone to experience a healthy lifestyle. Since my youth, I have always gotten great satisfaction in helping people reach their goals, whether it be as a friend, coach, or client. An opportunity to be at someone’s side as they make one of the biggest, most impactful changes to their lives is extremely rewarding. The relationship between tutor and client at MBT is truly special in my eyes. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before and as soon as I came across it, I knew I had to be a part of it.

It is my goal to not only develop a tutor-client relationship, but a genuine friendship, with trust, loyalty and accountability. For this reason, I love MBT’s approach. A tutor isn’t just someone who is there to tell you what you can and can’t eat. We stay in constant communication working through anything and everything that will inevitably get in our way. We’ll develop healthy habits and behaviors so you’re able to keep the results we get for the long-haul.

I am CrossFit L1 certified and am completing certifications in Human Movement and Mobility, Gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting.

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