Meaghan M.

Meaghan M. I have struggled and felt alone while figuring out why I was always overeating, gaining weight, and feeling guilty. I now get to assist others so they can overcome this limiting way of living ASAP without having to reinvent the wheel.

As your coach, my mission is to inspire and empower you to create a sustainable, healthier lifestyle by conquering your problematic eating habits, thoughts about body image, and implementing more movement into your daily life.

A little bit about me….


I grew up in a small town in central New York.

We were a middle class, junk food family. Our cabinets filled with Doritos, Entenmann’s cakes, and sugary cereal. Our fridge with Orange soda, Pepsi, and Sunny D. I don’t really remember drinking water until I was in college! How crazy is that.

Although I was an active child, my terrible eating habits caught up to me in my senior year of High School. I started to gain weight and didn’t have a clue as to why or how to stop it from happening.

I continued to gain weight my next three years of college, all in all about 25lbs. Not too bad, but still a lot more than my body was used to. I never knew what to eat, how to eat, or anything about what my body needed to truly be healthy.

I decided it was time for a change and in 2009 I began doing at home workout videos and teaching myself about healthy food.

I lost about 15lbs my first time through, but gained it back because I still was struggling with my relationship to food and with loving myself.

I struggled with emotional eating and with my inner critic. The negative thoughts that I told myself when looking in the mirror or comparing myself to someone healthier than me.

Over the next 4 years I yo-yo’ed back and forth with my health, unsure of why I couldn’t stay the course. I was working 50+ hours a week as a Veterinary Technician at 24 hour animal hospital in Queens, NY.

In 2011 I decided to become a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. While I got better with workouts, my emotional eating always got the best of me and I often gained it back. I realized then that working out wasn’t the only component of weight loss and health. Although I knew and understood nutrition at this point, I didn’t understand emotional eating or my thoughts around food.

Finally, in August 2014 I had lost the weight for the last time. I began to master my mind and thoughts around food. I was leaner, stronger, and more energized. I became certified as a Holistic Health Coach focusing my studies on emotional eaters and psychology.

I live in MY ideal body of health, look forward to waking up in the morning, see food as nourishment instead of the enemy, and manage my stress without reaching for food.

My passion and the reason I have teamed up to work with MBT is because I love watching YOU get the results I did. The results we both know you are capable of and deserve.

What I love about MBT is that it is unlike any other program I have found out there, and trust me, I have looked. It gives an individualized approach so each person can reach their goal. As a trainer, I know how important accountability is and MBT makes sure that each client is held accountable to their daily actions and goals so they get the best possible results.

I believe in what MBT offers and stands for because it is what I know to be true. To reach your goal you need the right system, support, and accountability, and that is exactly what is offered at MBT.

5 Fun Facts about Meaghan

  1. I love being outside. Hiking, snow shoeing, canoeing, camping, and rock climbing are among my favorite activities.
  2. Movement and music are my stress relievers
  3. Live concerts and comedy shows are my go to nights out
  4. I’m obsessed with Avocados
  5. Cranium is my favorite board game

Now it’s your turn!!! My love…you just have to trust in you.

Stay the course.

Stay consistent.

Do what you said you will do.

It was possible for me and it’s 100% possible for you too.


Meaghan M.

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