Megan In terms of your health goals and my abilities as a tutor there are three things you need to know about me:

1. I have an unfaltering positive attitude.

2. My determination has yet to be matched.

3. My motivation stems from both my personal story and my professional career witnessing severe healthcare complications directly related to poor lifestyle.

I grew up overweight. My entire memory of my childhood is shadowed by being larger and heavier than others. I don’t say this for sympathy, I say this to illustrate that I know how excess weight literally surrounds every aspect of life. As a kid I was happy, active, engaged and energetic. I had friends and a supportive family and yet……in every single memory, no matter how positive, I also remember being uncomfortable and heavy. So in my pre-teens, my decade of dieting started. I was surrounded by supportive attitudes, but everyone and everything pointed me towards the newest fad diets and restrictive lifestyles.

The first year of college presented so many new experiences and my focus needed to spread to all the available opportunities. I was challenged to try new activities, engage with people, fill my time in interesting ways, and learn to self-nurture in order to keep the pace. I suddenly didn’t have space in my brain to obsess about food until the next meal, keep up with diet trends in the media, or (this was HUGE for me) allow boredom eating to be my go-to pastime. Then came the CLICK! This was living! I fed my body to keep it healthy and energized to keep doing all of the fun, intriguing, appealing things I wanted to do. In return, my body self-regulated. I achieved a weight that was healthy, manageable and felt good to me.

I was hooked! There was no turning back. I soaked up every minute of education while obtaining my Bachelor’s of Science in dietetics and nutrition and my Master’s of Science in exercise science.

I blazed into my career as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in the hospital setting. I knew chronic disease complications from poor diet and exercise are an enormous issue in the majority of hospitalized patients, and I was going to help. The rewarding aspects of clinical work were the amazing patients I met and the caring clinical teams I was lucky enough to call peers. But there was a downfall….a huge downfall. I was providing nutrition and lifestyle change advice too late in the game. I was meant to effect change, to help people achieve a weight, physique and way of life that allows them to enjoy life!

I was blown away by My Body Tutor’s commitment to addressing habits at their core and setting up a realistic lifestyle. The ability for us to communicate every day about your intake, emotions, and routine is a feature of My Body Tutor that sets it apart and sets you up for success. That’s is why I’m here, as a tutor. I want to help you to really live and find that mental CLICK for better nutrition habits!

Personal tidbits (because we all like to know more about the people we interact with!):

  • I live in the breathtaking state of Wyoming. Sure, the winters are harsh, but the outdoor activities are boundless and absolutely stunning.

  • I get bored with too much routine. I’m constantly changing my hair, my living room arrangement, trying new recipes, and mixing up my workout routine.

  • You could not pay me enough to be a long distance runner, however I gladly strap on my hiking boots from May to October and complete 20+ mile hikes each week.

  • Will I enjoy cooking and new recipes, I can’t stand the texture of most leftovers. This makes me your go-to girl on healthy snacking and 1-person recipes.

  • My newest undertaking is scuba diving.

  • I have a DIY itch that I just can’t scratch (I blame all those reality shows). I’ve been really proud of most projects, however I will never tile again! It’s worth hiring someone to limit that headache from repeating.

  • I feel that hot tea is a hugely underappreciated beverage in our culture.

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