Melissa S.

Melissa S. I live what I teach and I love good food and healthy living.

Along with being a BODY TUTOR, I am the director of Nutrition for Your Life, a nutrition program that focuses on health and wellness through whole foods.

Through my studies of both Eastern and Western nutrition philosophies, I combine my own experiences and education with my love of healthy foods and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle to form a personalized wellness plan that will radically improve your life, resolve concerns specific to you and your body, and provide you with tools for a lifetime of balance. I will work with you to develop an individual nutrition plan that focuses on your total health. 

Because of my belief that all people should have complete access to healthy, fresh foods I have aligned my self with Community Plates, a food rescue organization committed to bringing healthy, fresh food to those in need and ending American food insecurity.

I received my professional training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. Additionally, I have taken many professional classes in nutrition, counseling and cooking. Having created a kitchen makeover which includes an assessment of the pantry and refrigerator and a supermarket tour I educate you on healthy options. I also provide coaching to other health and wellness professionals. Additionally, I write on the many facets of health and wellness and my articles can be found on a number of popular websites and blogs.

I have always had a love-hate relationship with food. I have a passion for food but my body absorbs that love as extra weight. Through a lifetime of living and learning, I have developed a keen understanding of the connection between what we eat and how it effects us. And our physical, emotional and spiritual well being. I am also now successful at utilizing food for energy, strength and having a good time. We can agree that we live in a world that is schizophrenic about health and wellness. We preach healthy living but still heavily market highly processed, high sugar foods and continue to develop new games and programs to that keep us sedentary. 

Counseling Style

I am nurturing, organized, detail-oriented, focused, resourceful, inspiring, motivating, respectful, and unassuming.

Counseling Strengths

I live what I teach! My approach is non-threatening. People relate to me and say that I put people at ease. I am clear, patient, and confident. I am unpretentious, adhere to boundaries, and non-judgmental.


Pantry assessment, product ingredient and food label education, meal planning and organization, sugar awareness.

Favorite Health Related Hobbies

Hiking, adventure travel, exercise, food – everything about it.

Favorite Types of Exercise

Hiking, core exercises, TRX, yoga

Why MyBodyTutor?

From the very first time I read about MyBodyTutor, I felt the passion of the mission of MBT. What could be better than having a “tutor” to coach, encourage, inspire and support you with honest feedback, through your transition to a healthier lifestyle? The innovative simplicity of keeping clients consistent. Nothing!!!!!! I believe that nothing is more effective than the gentle, straightforward, respectful, guidance of MYBODYTUTOR.  The ultimate friend to lean on.

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