Rhianna I got really into health about fifteen years ago after struggling with fatigue, bloating and cravings. I remember feeling so overwhelmed by all the info out there. Are eggs healthy or not? Is fat good or bad? What’s the deal with sugar and sugar alternatives? So I decided to get certified in holistic nutrition and began to strengthen my own inner wisdom and understanding that food (actual food, not processed junk) really is medicine.

Through cleaning up my diet, I was able to regain the trust in myself to participate in life positively and productively. Since then, I’ve learned the subtle language my body speaks and I know which foods irritate me and which support me. When I indulge, I do so lovingly and excitedly. I don’t believe in trying to be “perfect” all the time. That mentality sets us up for failure. What I do believe is that improvement can only happen when we fully accept ourselves exactly as we are, and commit to taking the necessary steps to feeling our best on a moment to moment basis. After years of self inquiry, trial and error, and helping countless people reach their full potential by helping them reach their body’s full potential, I’m so ready to help you.

I am an artist, a yoga instructor, a life coach, a nutrition educator, and an explorer of life. I love traveling, rock climbing, meeting new people, messing around in the kitchen, and dancing. The list could go on forever. I do my best everyday to try to be mindful of my impact on the earth and others. I see my life as a precious, fleeting gift and I’m grateful to be able to explore the whole range of it.

MBT has an approach I believe in because we focus on daily feedback and accountability. That’s super valuable, and hard to find! This program is like no other in that it puts me in your pocket so you always have someone to lean on when the going gets tough. And the going always gets tough. But with attention and daily accountability, we’ll start to observe your habits and break through old thought patterns that have been sabotaging your success. Together, we’ll explore it all, and with practice and commitment we’ll get you to a point were you no longer need the daily accountability because it will all be second nature. That might sound impossible right now, but I promise it’s not. And I promise it’s worth every ounce of effort.

I’d love to have the opportunity to play a role in your successful discovery of what’s been holding you back from living the life you want in the body you love!

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