Sara I’ve always been an active person. I love sports and grew up playing basketball and softball. Although at the time I knew nothing about the nutrition side of sports so I often played ‘left bench’ which was fine for me as long as I was part of a team.

We grew up eating what we could afford, so if that was a box of cheesy noodles or ramen noodles then that was what we had. I knew the local pizza delivery number by memory by age 9 and had our routine drive-thru orders memorized at every fast food place. If it was cheap and easily available that is what we had. My weight skyrocketed, but since I was active in sports I was just ‘the big girl’ and everyone accepted that. Everyone except me. I was miserable in my own skin and did not know what to do.

Fast-forward to college. I was finally free on my own to make decisions. I decided to study Exercise Science since working in the medical field was my goal. Along with that came several courses on nutrition. That opened my eyes to what could be done in my life. At first I was overwhelmed by the amount of information presented before me. I learned a lot through mistakes, what didn’t work, and sometimes the lessons learned were rough and discouraging. I wanted to give up each time I plateaued, each time I faced a disappointment, felt like I was alone, every setback was a chance to quit. But I didn’t give up, despite the struggles and the challenges, the changes came slowly but surely.

In 3 years I was able to lose nearly 90 lbs!!! That was over 10 years ago and I have learned so much more since then.

I continued in school to become a Physician Assistant and fell in love with Allergy and Immunology. Yet, something was still off for me physically my stomach continued to be unsettled. I was diagnosed with several food allergies/intolerances. Despite all my training, I felt at a loss of how to avoid ‘healthy foods’ that I was clearly allergic to (nuts, flaxseeds, watermelon, legumes, grains)…what on earth was I going to do?! Answer: become Board Certified in Holistic Nutritionist.

I’ve now been able to combine my love of movement/exercise as a Group Fitness instructor and now I’m working on a certification in Pilates. Most recently I finished a Certification in Coaching Behavior Change through ACE Fitness. I have now decided to continue with my education by pursing a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine with an emphasis on Integrative Wellness Coaching. With the information I have learned through education and a long with experience (sometimes life is the best teacher) I am excited to share and help those who have had similar struggles and have a goal to transform their lives like I did mine!

My Philosophy:

I believe everyone is different and that food should be nourishing for you personally. Although there are times for trial and error, you don’t need to suffer endlessly trying to figure things out on your own. You don’t need to do drastic elimination diets or cleanses. You just need to allow your natural body to heal itself and give your body the nutrients it needs to be strong to have a vibrant body, mind and spirit.

Why I chose MBT:

If anything I feel fortunate to have found a program like MBT. There are very few (if any) areas where the accountability incorporates body, mind, and spirit to address the root of what you would like to change so that you can BECOME the person you want to BE. We are all human beings not just human doings. Life is to short to keep doing what you are doing when you have goals to BE something else.

A few things I love:

Hiking, Chi Running, Pilates, Turbo-Kick boxing, Coconut (anything), Green drinks, Sleep, Meditation, my nieces and nephews, Spirit, the Universe, Nature, just to love life!

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