Soji J.

Soji J. I’m currently ranked number one in the world in smiling. Disclaimer: my mother was the only judge in the contest. I’m also ranked number two internationally in cuddling (I got beat out for the number one spot by a Pitbull named Zoey. Aren’t dogs just the cutest!?). I hope that you will give me the honor of being the number one cheerleader on your personal journey to success by choosing me as your body tutor. My pom-poms are ready!

My little ole story started out a little bit like this: I grew up as an overweight kid in a home rattled by divorce, using food as a crutch as the world around me collapsed. As I traversed through a difficult transition period in my life, the only constants were my video games (shout out to super Mario!) and the sugar laden products that filled my fridge.

Food became an escape and my relationship with it spiraled out of control. The life changing moment for me was when I went on a senior trip to a swimming pool. I walked out with my goggles and my Pokémon towel ready to take a dip when over 60 girls and boys began to laugh at my body and how fat I was. If I had an invisible cloak or a space shuttle (that I just happened to keep on standby) I would have used either at this point. I developed a deep lack of self-confidence and a tremendous amount of self-loathing. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin and I knew things needed to change.

I picked up a basketball, and that was my first introduction to consistent exercise. I eventually ended up playing the sport in college, where I studied biology, and discovered the weight room. The physical changes that I experienced were amazing, but even more fascinating was the carry over to the rest of my life. For the first time, I loved who I was. I walked in each room and owned it!

I firmly believed that everyone should experience this epiphany of personal greatness, so I set out to get my first personal training certification and began to devour as much material on nutrition, exercise physiology, and psychology/habit building as I could.

When I joined the fitness industry almost ten years ago, I set out on a mission to get people stronger (both mentally and physically), spread feelings of love/self-confidence, and to help people make their own process as enjoyable as possible. This journey has led me to small dungeon-like gyms and workouts on tropical beaches. It has allowed me to share many high fives, chest bumps, and hugs with clients who have accomplished feats they once thought were impossible. It has granted me the opportunity to help bring out the best in people like YOU!

Joining My Body Tutor was a no brainer for me. Changing your life involves taking consistent action. MBT bridges the gap between knowing what to do and getting things done on a daily basis by providing personalized daily support. There’s nothing like having somebody in your corner every moment who is rooting for you to win just as much as you are. I would love to be that person for you. Together we can go further!

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