Emotional Eater

Real people, unreal results. Really.

Our proven program has helped countless people of all ages, sizes and shapes reach their goal(s).

Our clients had one thing in common: they had trouble staying consistent with their diet and/or exercise and were honest with themselves in realizing they needed some help.

Now, they're all success stories with the right mindset, skills and habits to keep the weight off for good.

Chris Success Story


50 pounds gone. Chris excelled in his career but felt like there was a disconnect between who he was in most aspects of his life and who he was with food. Read his story.

Nikki Success Story


5 pounds gone. Nikki couldn't imagine a life where food wasn't her escape and comfort. She wanted to heal her relationship with food. Thankfully, she found MBT. Read her story.

Rudy Success Story


50 pounds gone. This NFL lineman thought he would never achieve the health, mind, and body that he always wanted because he tried it all and nothing worked. Read his story.

Amy Success Story


35 pounds gone. Amy tried it all and nothing lasted. She realized losing weight wasn't about needing more willpower, it was about needing a big mindset shift. Read her story.

Sherri Success Story


36 pounds gone. Sherri tried every diet imaginable and was never able to stick with them. She thought about food all the time. It consumed her thoughts. Read her story.

Johnny Success Story


32 pounds gone. As a father of two young kids, Johnny didn't have time to focus on his health - or so he thought, until his friend suggested MBT. Read his story.

Ciara Success Story


38 pounds gone. Ciara was stuck in a lose weight, gain it back cycle, no matter what she tried. She'd lose 10 pounds and gain back 15 over and over. Read her story.

Mary Success Story


18 pounds gone. Mary was a chronic binge eater. All the diets she tried left her feeling broken and weak and hating that she could not stick with anything. Read her story.

Josh Success Story


30 pounds gone. With a baby on the way, Josh was ready to conquer his weight. He did not want to become one of those dads who just lets their bodies go. Read his story.

Jeanne Success Story


30 pounds gone. Jeanne had a habit of signing up for things when inspired but not following through. The daily accountability and support was a game changer. Read her story.

Dawn Success Story


25 pounds gone. Dawn set a goal to get into the best shape of her life by 50. Her lifelong struggle with food got in the way, until she found us. Read her story.

Andrew Success Story


35 pounds gone. Andrew had lost weight many times before but was never able to keep it off. In fact, he thought it was out of the realm of possibility. Read his story.

Sarah Success Story


32 pounds gone. Sarah had tried to lose weight on her own for ages with zero success. She was stuck in the rut of yo-yo dieting and her wedding was fast approaching. Read her story.

Trisha Success Story


45 pounds gone. Trisha had tried everything. She wanted to fix her relationship with food for good, so she could be done with this battle once and for all. Read her story.

Lisa Success Story


12 pounds gone. Lisa was torn between focusing on weight loss and acceptance, but ultimately felt she was using it as an excuse to not go after her goal. Read her story.

Catherine Success Story


15 pounds gone. Catherine had always been into working out but a busy lifestyle impacted her eating. She relied on counting calories but it was taking a toll. Read her story.

JM Success Story


25 pounds gone. Before MBT, JM would lose weight then gain it all back. She'd calorie count and become obsessed then binge. She knew it wasn't sustainable. Read her story.

Rebecca Success Story


25 pounds gone. Rebecca hated how she looked so she didn't have many pics with her baby. She knew she needed to do something but was hesitant to spend money. Read her story.

Carla Success Story


17 pounds gone. Carla spent years trying to lose the same 15 pounds, and even though she worked in healthcare, wasn't following her own advice. Read her story.

Suzi Success Story


23 pounds gone. After the birth of Suzi's third child she was still trapped in the diet/binge cycle, and was determined to not pass that down to her kids. Read her story.

Damon Success Story


66 pounds gone. Damon was at his lowest point and didn’t know where else to turn. Thankfully, he found us through a Google search because it changed his life. Read his story.

Holly Success Story


30 pounds gone. Holly was convinced she was not a person who could actually lose weight. She tried all the diets out there and could never stick with them. Read her story.

Stephen Success Story


20 pounds gone. Stephen didn't like what he saw in photos and didn't have the energy to keep up with his son. He was ready for a change but skeptical. Read his story.

Laura Success Story


21 pounds gone. Despite Laura formally learning about nutrition, she looked and felt terrible, and was stuck. She could not lose weight and was desperate. Read her story.

Kayla Success Story


40 pounds gone. If anyone knows how to lose weight, it’s Dr. Kayla. But knowing and doing are two different things, and she couldn't do it on her own. Read her story.

Lisa Success Story


15 pounds gone. Lisa joked that she dieted up, not down. She had an all or nothing mindset and wanted a new relationship with food. She got so much more! Read her story.

Corinna Success Story


117 pounds gone. With Corinna's 50th birthday 8 months away, and being terrified she wouldn't make it to her 13 year old son's HS graduation, she was ready. Read her story.

Amanda Success Story


35 pounds gone. Amanda, having tried everything, had given up all hope on ever reaching her goal. Thankfully, she learned about us through a friend. Read her story.

MaryBeth Success Story


35 pounds gone. As MaryBeth was approaching 60, she wanted to stop asking her doctor to repeatedly check her thyroid, and take control of her health. Read her story.

Suzie Success Story


47 pounds gone. Suzie always felt like she had to choose between her sanity and being in shape. Luckily, she stumbled onto our website. Read her story.

Simon Success Story


42 pounds gone. Simon, a busy father of 6, knew he had to do something. He quickly learned what had been missing in all of his failed attempts. Read his story.

Julie Success Story


57 pounds gone. Julie, a busy mom, came across us randomly so she was a bit skeptical. She also worried about how much of a time commitment there would be. Read her story.

Peggy Success Story


35 pounds gone. Peggy is lifetime member of Weight Watchers and during her lifetime "lost and gained back over 200 pounds." She wanted a permanent fix. Read her story.

Kristine Success Story


30 pounds gone. No matter what Kristine tried, the result was the same. She'd have early success and then gain back the weight plus. She felt desperate. Read her story.

Amy Success Story


32 pounds gone. Amy, a former personal trainer, had gone to the doctor with the self-diagnosis of hypothyroidism to try and explain her weight gain. Read her story.

Kim Success Story


62 pounds gone. Kim was crying at her desk wondering how she was going to make the changes needed to improve her health / life and blood work. Read her story.

Carrie Success Story


93 pounds gone. Carrie had previously lost 120 pounds by counting calories but gained it all back. She wanted something sustainable. Read her story.

Tammi Success Story


50 pounds gone. Having tried every diet imaginable, Tammi thought therapy was the only way to re-wire her brain and control her eating habits. Read her story.

Laurie Success Story


35 pounds gone. After trying mainstream to kooky diets for over 20 years with no longterm success, Laurie truly thought her weight was stuck. Read her story.

Denise Success Story


14 pounds gone. After having two kids the weight came off fairly easily except for those last 10. Denise also struggled with food and body image issues. Read her story.

Jacque Success Story


25 pounds gone. After trying hundreds of diets over the last 50 years, Jacque wonders why it took her so long to realize she couldn't do it by herself. Read her story.

Chris Success Story


25 pounds gone. Chis knew many people who used MBT and loved it. He knew he needed accountability to get back into shape because he couldn’t do it on his own. Read his story.

Samantha Success Story


62 pounds gone. Samantha was looking for ways to lose weight quickly. “Fortunately” in her words, “I didn’t fall for any of them.” Then she found us. Read her story.

Darlene Success Story


12 pounds gone. Despite regular exercise, Darlene never saw any significant change. She struggled with stress eating. Read her story.

Dan Success Story


65 pounds gone. Knowing what to do and actually doing it are very different. Dan knew there was something missing from all the other plans he'd tried. Read his story.

Daniel Success Story


97 pounds gone. Daniel would do great for a few months and then fall off track. Trying harder and relying on willpower just wasn't cutting it. Read his story.

Danny B. Success Story

Danny B.

40 pounds gone. Dan let his bad eating habits from college spill over into the real world. He couldn't believe who and what he'd become. Read his story.

Carolyn Success Story


15 pounds gone. Tired of losing and regaining 15 pounds year after year, Carolyn was looking for something that focused on her habits and behaviors. Read her story.

Virginia Success Story


20 pounds gone. Virginia knew she "should" eat well and exercise but could never get herself to do it consistently. Read her story.

Doug Success Story


24 pounds gone. A successful actor, Doug was tired of always playing the overweight guy. He was ready to make a change but wanted it to be permanent. Read his story.

Alice Success Story


15 pounds gone. For 30 years, Alice has been trying to lose those last 15 pounds and keep them off. She realized she needed a different approach. Read her story.

Lynda Success Story


50 pounds gone. Lynda was very skeptical because she didn't think having a tutor would make much difference. It wound up changing her life. Read her story.

Rebecca R. Success Story

Rebecca R.

20 pounds gone. Rebecca, a busy mom, discovered us while searching for help with emotional eating. With a training in behavioral psychology, she was impressed. Read her story.

Jayne Success Story


22 pounds gone. Jayne wasn't able to sustain the weight she lost postpartum. She never learned how to change her relationship with food. Read her story.

Joe Success Story


30 pounds gone. Joe wins the award for most skeptical prospective client in our history. He was skeptical after trying so many things but liked our approach. Read his story.

Janice Success Story


52 pounds gone. Janice was good at starting diet plans but would lose steam and return to old habits. She wanted to do it the right way this time. Read her story.

Tara Success Story


10 pounds gone. A former Miss America contestant, Tara knew her relationship with food had to change. What she was doing wasn't sustainable. Read her story.

Stephanie F. Success Story

Stephanie F.

155 pounds gone. Steph had been overweight since she was 8 years old and had "tried everything under the sun". Sticking with a plan seemed impossible to her. Read her story.