Emotional Eater

Real people, unreal results. Really.

Our proven program has helped countless people of all ages, sizes and shapes reach their goal(s).

Our clients had one thing in common: they had trouble staying consistent with their diet and/or exercise and were honest with themselves in realizing they needed some help.

Now, they're all success stories with the right mindset, skills and habits to keep the weight off for good.

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25 pounds gone. After trying hundreds of diets over the last 50 years, Jacque wonders why it took her so long to realize she couldn't do it by herself.

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25 pounds gone. Chis knew many people who used MBT and loved it. He knew he needed accountability to get back into shape because he couldn’t do it on his own.

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62 pounds gone. Samantha was looking for ways to lose weight quickly. “Fortunately” in her words, “I didn’t fall for any of them.” Then she found us.

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12 pounds gone. Despite regular exercise, Darlene never saw any significant change. She struggled with stress eating.

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65 pounds gone. Knowing what to do and actually doing it are very different. Dan knew there was something missing from all the other plans he'd tried.

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97 pounds gone. Daniel would do great for a few months and then fall off track. Trying harder and relying on willpower just wasn't cutting it.

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Danny B.

40 pounds gone. Dan let his bad eating habits from college spill over into the real world. He couldn't believe who and what he'd become.

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15 pounds gone. Tired of losing and regaining 15 pounds year after year, Carolyn was looking for something that focused on her habits and behaviors.

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20 pounds gone. Virginia knew she "should" eat well and exercise but could never get herself to do it consistently.

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24 pounds gone. A successful actor, Doug was tired of always playing the overweight guy. He was ready to make a change but wanted it to be permanent.

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15 pounds gone. For 30 years, Alice has been trying to lose those last 15 pounds and keep them off. She realized she needed a different approach.

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50 pounds gone. Lynda was very skeptical because she didn't think having a tutor would make much difference. It wound up changing her life.

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Rebecca R.

20 pounds gone. Rebecca, a busy mom, discovered us while searching for help with emotional eating. With a training in behavioral psychology, she was impressed.

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22 pounds gone. Jayne wasn't able to sustain the weight she lost postpartum. She never learned how to change her relationship with food.

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Joe C.

30 pounds gone. Joe wins the award for most skeptical prospective client in our history. He was skeptical after trying so many things but liked our approach.

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52 pounds gone. Janice was good at starting diet plans but would lose steam and return to old habits. She wanted to do it the right way this time.

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10 pounds gone. A former Miss America contestant, Tara knew her relationship with food had to change. What she was doing wasn't sustainable.

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Stephanie F.

155 pounds gone. Steph had been overweight since she was 8 years old and had "tried everything under the sun". Sticking with a plan seemed impossible to her.

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