Exercise Wasn't Enough

Real people, unreal results. Really.

Our proven program has helped countless people of all ages, sizes and shapes reach their goal(s).

Our clients had one thing in common: they had trouble staying consistent with their diet and/or exercise and were honest with themselves in realizing they needed some help.

Now, they're all success stories with the right mindset, skills and habits to keep the weight off for good.

Nikki Success Story


5 pounds gone. Nikki couldn't imagine a life where food wasn't her escape and comfort. She wanted to heal her relationship with food. Thankfully, she found MBT. Read her story.

Rudy Success Story


50 pounds gone. This NFL lineman thought he would never achieve the health, mind, and body that he always wanted because he tried it all and nothing worked. Read his story.

Amy Success Story


35 pounds gone. Amy tried it all and nothing lasted. She realized losing weight wasn't about needing more willpower, it was about needing a big mindset shift. Read her story.

Sherri Success Story


36 pounds gone. Sherri tried every diet imaginable and was never able to stick with them. She thought about food all the time. It consumed her thoughts. Read her story.

Johnny Success Story


32 pounds gone. As a father of two young kids, Johnny didn't have time to focus on his health - or so he thought, until his friend suggested MBT. Read his story.

Jeanne Success Story


30 pounds gone. Jeanne had a habit of signing up for things when inspired but not following through. The daily accountability and support was a game changer. Read her story.

Andrew Success Story


35 pounds gone. Andrew had lost weight many times before but was never able to keep it off. In fact, he thought it was out of the realm of possibility. Read his story.

Sarah Success Story


32 pounds gone. Sarah had tried to lose weight on her own for ages with zero success. She was stuck in the rut of yo-yo dieting and her wedding was fast approaching. Read her story.

Catherine Success Story


15 pounds gone. Catherine had always been into working out but a busy lifestyle impacted her eating. She relied on counting calories but it was taking a toll. Read her story.

Kaylyn Success Story


23 pounds gone. An avid exerciser, Kaylyn was stubborn, thinking she could lose weight on her own, but eventually realized she couldn't out exercise her diet. Read her story.

Damon Success Story


66 pounds gone. Damon was at his lowest point and didn’t know where else to turn. Thankfully, he found us through a Google search because it changed his life. Read his story.

Brad Success Story


15 pounds gone. After trying on his own for years, and hearing someone else talk about the power of a coach, he decided to finally give it a try. Read his story.

Kristine Success Story


30 pounds gone. No matter what Kristine tried, the result was the same. She'd have early success and then gain back the weight plus. She felt desperate. Read her story.

Matt A. Success Story

Matt A.

30 pounds gone. Matt was very frustrated because he was investing a lot of time and energy into losing weight but wasn't getting results. Read his story.

Deborah Success Story


35 pounds gone. Several months before starting MBT, Deborah hired a trainer. While her physical fitness improved, the scale didn't move. Read her story.

Danielle Success Story


13 pounds gone. Danielle could never lose those last stubborn pounds. That quickly changed once she discovered the power of accountability. Read her story.

Mike Success Story


31 pounds gone. Mike stopped exercising and his business grew. He was starting to think success had to come at the expense of his health. Read his story.

Mitch Success Story


30 pounds gone. Desperate to lose weight, Mitch ran into a friend who lost 90 pounds with MBT, and asked him for the secret to weight loss. Read his story.

Amy Success Story


20 pounds gone. After her second pregnancy, Amy struggled to get the the baby weight off. She had resigned myself to being okay with the weight. Read her story.

David Success Story


20 pounds gone. David began putting on weight as he entered his 30s. He'd get serious about weight loss but always felt deprived, and would gain it back. Read his story.

Nikida K. Success Story

Nikida K.

50 pounds gone. Nikida's weight fluctuated wildly. She'd do restrictive diets and kept getting caught in a cycle of losing weight and gaining it back. Read her story.

Chris Success Story


25 pounds gone. Chis knew many people who used MBT and loved it. He knew he needed accountability to get back into shape because he couldn’t do it on his own. Read his story.

Eric Success Story


15 pounds gone. Eric found it hard to lose weight no matter how consistently he exercised but he didn't want to starve or deprive himself. Read his story.

Eric Success Story


20 pounds gone. Eric described himself as “skinny-fat.” Despite exercising consistently, he wasn’t hitting his goals. He learned the importance of diet. Read his story.

Darlene Success Story


12 pounds gone. Despite regular exercise, Darlene never saw any significant change. She struggled with stress eating. Read her story.

Paul Success Story


21 pounds gone. Paul was always working hard in the gym and very consistent with it, but never saw the results he wanted. Read his story.

Philip Success Story


90 pounds gone. Philip wasn't able to find anything sustainable. He was also worried that focusing on weight loss would hurt his business. Read his story.

Jeremy Success Story


40 pounds gone. What Jeremy (a former marine) was doing on his own wasn't working. He thought MBT was perfect but was hesitant to sign up. Read his story.