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Success Stories

Below are the stories of just 10 of my recent and courageous clients who are just like you. They are courageous for not only being honest with themselves – in that they needed a little help – but also for sharing their story with the entire world!

I have worked (and continue to work) with clients who range in age from 15 years old to 77 years young. All of whom are seeing (and feeling) amazing results.

Hopefully, you'll be able to find a client you can relate to. And if not, don't worry. I've worked with all sorts, types and shapes of people.

Stories like these, along with the countless stories I have hanging all over my walls, are what get me jumping out of bed every morning.

One of my goals is to inspire my clients to be inspiring. Inspiring they are indeed!


Ginny (click to see her before)

Wanted to bring sexy back for spring break!

The Problem: Ginny was going to Miami for spring break in 4 weeks when she got in touch with me. She didn’t want to go looking the way she was but unfortunately, every time she’d get serious it never really worked and she always made excuses…

Find out how MBT helped her "get serious"


Mark (click to see his before)

I changed my life and it changed my life!

The Problem: For Mark, being healthy and looking good has always been something he wanted. Even while in college, amid all the fun and partying, he always found the time and discipline to watch his diet and work out regularly. But, as Mark began his career he was exposed to new responsibilities.…

Find out the MBT lifestyle changed his life


Irene (click to see her before)

She wanted it all. And got it all!

The Problem: Irene loved her job. She felt lucky to be working for a very prestigious financial firm, and she vowed that she would rise to the top. That, however, meant working and eating at insane hours. Though she did have a boyfriend, and hated to admit it, she would often put her job before her beau...all in the name of getting ahead…

Find out how MBT helped her with life-balance


Danny (click to see his before)

I’m ready to mingle!

The Problem: Dan wanted to socialize more, which to him meant, "looking the part." He knew his wardrobe was less than up-to-date, but until he got himself into shape, he was not interested in shopping. And so the cycle continued, until one day, he just got fed up with feeling lonely. Especially, since loneliness is so easily comforted with fast food…

Find out how he achieved his goals with MBT


Alannah (click to see her before)

It’s all about progress. Not perfection!

The Problem: Growing up, Alannah was an avid horseback rider and a strong and competitive athlete. However, competitive atmospheres and perfectionist impulses drove her to severely eating disordered behavior, causing rapid weight loss and gain over ten years. Before beginning MBT, she was recovering from a serious cycle of anorexia/bulimia and battling her own unhealthy fixations on food and exercise…

Find out how MBT changed her life


Anthony (click to see his before)

Enough is enough!

The Problem: Anthony always had a problem with his weight. It had always been something that persisted to give him problems with his self image and confidence. He finally got to a point where he didn’t want to be a slave to food…

Find out how he did it with MBT


Stephanie (click to see her before)

Tried everything under the sun to lose weight!

The Problem: Stephanie has been overweight since she was 8 years old. She has been on countless diets: Medifast, Jenny Craig, she saw 2 different nutritionists, tried raw food diets, a 52-day cleanse, Weightwatchers, no carb diets, diet pills, fit for life, body for life, and the list goes on. It’s not that she is lazy, or that she didn’t want to lose weight, it’s that she just never could stop binge-eating…

Find out why the MBT lifestyle is working


Caroline (click to see her before)

Food is no longer my enemy!

The Problem: Caroline believed food was the enemy. When she first came to me she had a strong love/hate relationship with food. However, food isn't anything but food! It's not your best friend, it's not your worst enemy; it's only food! Caroline believed that not eating was the key to losing weight... 

The MBT lifestyle works for everyone


Liz (click to see her before)

Wanted to lose weight without being neurotic!

The Problem: After realizing she weighed a lot more than she thought, Liz decided it was time to do something. Liz tried other weight loss programs but they made her feel neurotic with all of the counting...

Find out how she did it without being neurotic!


Matt (click to see him before)

Ready to rock and roll!

The Problem: Matt is a busy musician and came to us on a mission: he wanted to lose weight so that he could become the rocker he always dreamed about. But, he didn't want to sacrifice his "rock star" lifestyle...

Find out how he's rocking away!