Become a Certified Accountability Coach and Turn Your Passion for Health & Fitness into Your New 9 to 5.

And more importantly, gain the confidence you need to consistently take *any* client to their goal.

“I knew what to tell people they need to do to get fit, but when I became an accountability coach I learned the real secret to results is in Mindset, Psychology, and Habits.” – Heather


The Mindset, Psychology, Habits (MPH) Accountability Coach Certification is an Entirely New Way to:​

Start a career in health & fitness by learning how to get clients the results they want in a consistent, repeatable way.

So if you want to:

The Accountability Coach Certification is All You Need.

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Adam Gilbert

Hi, I’m Adam Gilbert, Founder and Chief Body Tutor of MyBodyTutor.

And since 2007, I’ve helped thousands reach their goals with daily accountability. And I’ll teach you everything I know so you can confidently get results.

Today, I’m going to share a system with you. One that — once you learn how to apply it — will immediately place you in the top 10% of all health and fitness coaches.

And the best part…

  You DON’T need a degree in exercise science or nutrition.

  You DON’T need years of experience in health & fitness, and

  You DON’T need a personal trainer, group fitness, or health coach certification.

Anyone with a passion for helping others reach their goals can easily build a rewarding and successful coaching career with the MPH Accountability Coach Certification. Because, as you’re about to see, success is *not* about calculating calories, tracking macros, and obsessing over time in the gym…

It’s about Mindset, Psychology, and Habits combined with a serious dose of accountability.

But before we get there:

How I Discovered the Power of Accountability​

Health, nutrition, and psychology have always been my obsession. Since 4th grade, I knew that one day my career would be in health and fitness. And for as long as I can remember, I was the “go-to” for friends, family, and co-workers on anything health related.

They’d ask, “Adam, what do I need to do to get fit?”

So I would sit with them and build a custom meal plan and a workout routine sure to get results. We’d talk about what and when to eat and how to exercise. And for hours, I’d answer all their questions.  Finally, we’d have their new plan…

And I could see in their eyes they were excited and chomping at the bit to get started. I knew *this* plan was exactly what they needed, and *this* would be the time they turned it all around.

But, there was a problem.

I discovered that even with the best laid plans, the story would always end the same…

…I got caught up with kids and homework.
…It was happy hour.
…I got sucked into a 7-hour reality show binge.

They wanted to get fit and they were ready to start, but there was always a reason *why* they couldn’t stick to it. And it became clear everyone asking for help already knew *what* to do. They knew what to eat. They knew what to avoid. And they knew how to exercise.

But still, no one would stick to a plan longer than a few weeks.

And that’s because a lack of information isn’t the problem at all. If fact, it never was. Darren Hardy said:


I knew there had to be a better answer — another way.

And I couldn’t continue to let those that truly needed help start another diet — only to see them give up after a few weeks. From that point, it became my life’s mission to solve the problem of consistency and end the on-again, off-again cycle that causes so much pain, disappointment, and frustration.

That was 2007. And that was the year I quit my comfortable, secure job to start MyBodyTutor, where we simplify the process of getting fit and solve the problem of consistency.

And for over a decade, I designed a system that answered the burning question… 

“Why can’t I stick to a diet.”

And what I discovered was the answer that unlocked the secret to consistency. When you change a client’s Mindset, Psychology, and Habits through accountability, suddenly clients that never thought they could stick to a plan now can — for the first time in their lives.

Clients that felt hopeless after years of failing, now felt hopeful because they know this is what they were missing. And since 2007, this exclusive system has proven successful thousands of times over.

They don’t teach this in any school or online course.

The only place you can learn this one-of-a-kind system is inside the MPH Accountability Coach Certification program. And it’s here where you’ll learn exactly how to get clients from Day 1 to their goal — consistently, repeatably, and confidently.

To become a successful health and fitness coach, there’s something you need to understand…

Getting Results is Far More Than Meal Plans and Workout Videos​

Degrees and certifications focus on information — the theory and application of health and fitness.

  • Total Daily Energy Expenditure, Body Mass Index, Basal Metabolic Rate.
  • Calories and Macro Ratios.
  • Anatomy, biomechanics, functional movement.

Now, don’t get me wrong, all of that is important.


Getting results has so little to do with what’s on your client’s plate or what they do inside the gym. If information is the answer, any coach with a certification could get their clients results. But the sad truth is that they can’t.

Most coaches don’t know how to change the reasons *why* clients sabotage their success. They have foundational knowledge, but they’re missing the skills they need to tear down the roadblocks standing in their client’s way.

There Are 100,000+ Health and Fitness Coaches, but Only a Handful Know the Secret to...

Keeping clients motivated, consistent, and on-track.

Most certification programs gloss over or completely miss the skills coaches need most: how to change a client’s Mindset, Psychology, and Habits (MPH) through a system of accountability.

But when you learn this, you’ll have a set of deeper skills only the best coaches possess.

What's makes a good coach great?

This guide reveals the strategies of the top health & fitness coaches. This is how you get results…


In This FREE Training,

  • The secret to getting inside your client’s head (and why it’s the #1 way to get your clients taking action).
  • A simple 3-step formula EVERYONE can use to light a fire under their clients and get them motivated again.
  • When your clients feel lost, stuck, frustrated, and discouraged… make them feel this POWERFUL emotion. (It will mean the difference in your clients quitting or them becoming your BEST success story.)
  • Answer these 3 questions and your clients will INSTANTLY trust you.
  • 2 mindset changes that will make a good coach GREAT. And all it takes is flipping this one simple switch.
  • The single biggest “truth” about solving your clients’ overeating struggle… and once you understand it, it will change EVERYTHING about how you coach.
  • Why having a “hard conversation” with your clients is the BEST phone call you’ll ever make. (And why 99% of coaches will NEVER do it.)
  • The #1 key to creating unstoppable momentum — even when your client doesn’t “feel committed” anymore.
  • The shortcut to confidence. You can rack up 15 years of experience OR you can do it the FAST way.

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Why Mindset, Psychology, and Habits (MPH) Matter

There’s a reason why some clients will NEVER hit their goal. Most people think all it takes to hop online, download a meal plan, install an app, and start obsessing over food.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. The reason most people fail is because they’re focusing on the wrong things — food and exercise.

Food and exercise are important, but it’s only 20% of the problem. What’s missing is the other 80%.

The reasons WHY clients can’t stick to the plan.

It’s their Mindset, Psychology, and Habits.


If you're not focusing on your client's MPH, You're fighting a losing battle.

If you can’t help clients beat the 80%, no degree or certification will save you.

Now, sure, you may get lucky and have a client hit their goal. But if you don’t change their Mindset, Psychology, and Habits, then guess what? Their results won’t last. And they’ll simply fall back into their old habits and their “old way” of doing things.

That’s why you must:

Master The Art Of Accountability Coaching


Learn to change the way your clients see their challenges. Because once you change their mindset, you change everything.


Learn the psychology of behavioral change, how to motivate your clients, and why addressing psychology is critical to making change possible.


Learn how to create and build new, lasting habits through simple mindset changes and daily practice.


Learn the coaching system MyBodyTutor has used for 15+ years, so your clients get quick, sustainable results.


Confidence is a result of a strong foundation of skills and a using a repeatable process you are certain will get results.


Learn how to rescue your clients, get them back on-track, on-plan, and making progress.

With the MPH Accountability Coach Certification, you'll:

Meet Your Instructor


Meet Haley, your Accountability Coach Certification Instructor and the Head Trainer at MyBodyTutor.

Haley trains the coaches that become the best in the world at delivering highly-personal, daily accountability and health & fitness coaching.

“What I’m about to share with you is what we’ve learned from over a decade of coaching. We’ve done all the trial and error, we’ve spent the money, we’ve invested the time (Oh, the time!), and we’ve helped thousands hit their goals. We’ve done all the leg work, and now *you* get to reap the benefits.

No other course teaches you how to get inside the head of the client to help them achieve change. Simply put, this is the ultimate learning experience.

Set aside any hesitations or concerns that you might not be able to do this – I’m going to give you all the tools you need and show you what to do to get your clients over their biggest, scariest obstacles and achieve their health and fitness goals.”

In the course, you'll learn:


The Anatomy of Accountability


Building An Unstoppable Plan


Accountability In Action


Solving Clients’ Biggest Problems


Building Plans From Start To Finish


Putting It All Together

A Look Inside The Five Phases

The certification has 5 phases of study. Each phase offers the student opportunities to try on skills we teach and to work with case studies, critically thinking through approaches and solutions, and practicing coaching virtually.

Phase 1: The Anatomy of Accountability

Learn what accountability is and why it’s the glue that ties commitment to results. 

You’ll learn why you simply can’t give your clients a meal and exercise plan and expect them to follow it. 

There’s a reason why your clients aren’t making progress and you’re about to learn why and how to fix it.

Phase 2: Building an Unstoppable Plan

Here, you’ll learn the critical steps to building an accountability plan, setting realistic goals, measuring success, tracking progress, and holding accountability conversations.

Phase 3: Accountability in Action

Here you’ll learn how to move from planning to action. 

We’ll teach you how to get your client excited about the plan, how to make action painless, and how to stay focused, but flexible.

Phase 4: Solving Your Clients’ Biggest, Most Complicated Problems

You’ll learn what to do when your client…

And how to help your client…

Phase 5: Building Plans From Start To Finish

Finally, you’ll build a plan from start to finish and put your accountability skills to the test.

This is what makes this certification so effective. The proof is in the work.

The Coach's QuickStart Guide to Success

When you finish the course, you’ll have the coaching skills… Now it’s time to get the business!

Adam Gilbert, founder of MyBodyTutor, will take you through this exclusive lesson: “The Coach’s QuickStart Guide to Success.”

This crash course will teach you how to make your business a reality, get clients without breaking a sweat, and take your business to the next level.

With Adam, you’ll learn:

What Accountability Coaches Have To Say


With all my training, years of knowledge and certifications I thought I knew everything I needed to know about weight loss and fitness, yet I was “stuck” when it came to trying to help my clients lose weight.

The knowledge I gained in becoming an accountability coach completely changed that. Now, I have the confidence to take ANY client to their goal

Lenora, Accountability Coach


With an Exercise Science and Nutrition degree I knew what to tell people they need to do to get fit, but when I became an accountability coach I learned the real secret to results is in Mindset, Psychology, and Habits.

And learning “It’s never about the food but what the food allows you to avoid” was a big eye opener for me! Not only am I more confident to coach clients, but my own eating habits have been forever changed for the better!

Heather, Accountability Coach


I had no idea how important human behavior and accountability was, but I’ve come to realize it’s EVERYTHING.

Knowing what mindset tips, exercises, and challenges to give to clients when they need it most increases engagement, drives progress, and increases client success more than any other food tactic or hack.

Brett, Accountability Coach


I have a background in exercise and health science, and I’ve taken nutrition courses. But I didn’t realize just how much the psychological aspect truly played into one’s fitness journey.

As an accountability coach, I am confident with taking on any client now and my confidence continues to grow.

Lauren, Accountability Coach


What I learned as a certified nutritionist didn’t always make me an effective practitioner.

Becoming an accountability coach has helped me make real changes in my clients’ lives by making nutritional theories more practical for clients in their everyday lives.  The best nutrition information in the world isn’t going to do anyone any good if it’s not packaged in an accessible way and tied together with accountability.

Sarah, Accountability Coach

How To Become An Accountability Coach

In the MPH Accountability Coach program, you’ll get everything you need to improve your client’s lives using our breakthrough system of accountability and coaching.

When you enroll, you will get access to our custom resources and exclusive digital training. 

And at the end of the course, you will demonstrate your knowledge through an online assessment and become a certified MPH Accountability Coach.

You can become an MPH Accountability Coach, start a new career in health & fitness, and confidently get results…

There is no “perfect” time. There’s always something on the horizon and always a reason to delay.

The most important step is the first one.

How Much Is The MPH Accountability Coach Certification Program?

Get started now, learn a whole new way to get your clients results, and gain the confidence you need for just…

12 Monthly Payments of $70


Or pay in full and save $120 off the monthly price.

At some point, I will absolutely be raising the price of this certification program.

The knowledge, skills, and system you’ll learn is invaluable… 

  • Do you really want to go after the certifications the masses already have?
  • Will having the same certifications be what sets you apart?
  • And will other certifications ensure you can keep clients and continue working with the freedom you want?

This is an easy choice. 

If you want to gain the confidence you need, have a proven system to follow, and gain the insight of 15+ years of working with thousands of clients…

Then join today.

If you have any questions about the course,
call, text, or email me.

I’m happy to help.


[email protected]

*When you call or text, you won’t get an operator or a call center. This is my personal number. I carry it with me all the time. This is what I live for.

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