Adam's Story

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Adam Gilbert, Founder of MyBodyTutor at age 14.

I’m very lucky that I discovered my passion for health and fitness early on. Perhaps it was because of my environment.

My sister used food as an escape for stressful situations she encountered. My parents got divorced when she was nine years old. (I was four.) I used to hear her scream and cry whenever she’d get ready for big events because she hated how she felt and looked. At times, she’d starve herself and other times she’d binge. She yo-yo dieted for years and her weight reflected it.

I learned early on that being unhappy with your body is painful, and liking the way you feel and look contributes so much to your overall well-being. When you walk into a room confidently it changes everything.


Adam's Father

When I was in 7th grade, my dad had a heart attack. Shortly after that, he had triple bypass surgery. Not long after that, he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Seeing him during a heart attack had a big impact on me. Seeing him cry before open heart surgery is a sight I’ll never forget. Seeing him deteriorate mentally and physically throughout the years until he passed away in November of 2016 was tough.

Of course there are things beyond our control like MS. But there are many things within our control that impact our health. My dad smoked two packs of cigarettes a day. He ate poorly and wasn’t active. The day he had a heart attack was the last time he smoked. He also began to eat better and exercise.

Most people don’t think about their health until they don’t have it. Then it becomes all they think about. I learned early on that health is true wealth. It also impacts every aspect of life.


Adam with a MyBodyTutor Client

How I Got The Idea To Start MyBodyTutor

After graduating college in 2005, I started working at Ernst & Young. I’ve always been the go to guy for health and fitness, so colleagues asked me for advice. The goals were always the same and so were the outcomes, unfortunately.

“I love the plan you made for me but…”

Ultimately, life always got in the way.

Everyone wants to be healthy and fit, but it’s just too easy to make promises to ourselves and break them. It’s even easier to rationalize indulgent eating, especially after a long day.

I realized the missing link was accountability. But weekly accountability wasn’t enough. It had to be daily. After all, a week is a long time! The same people who were motivated on Monday had given up by Wednesday, only to promise themselves they’d “start fresh on Monday!” yet again.

I set out to create a program that would solve this problem. Daily and personal accountability would be the cornerstone. This way, I could help people implement the game plan we had come up with.


Adam with Mom & Sister, Age 24

Quitting My Job

I quit my job in January of 2007 to start MyBodyTutor. I married my passion with entrepreneurship and created the company of my dreams.

It wasn’t easy though. I had many fights with my mom about leaving my safe and secure job. (“What are you crazy, Adam?!” was all I heard.)

People ask me all the time, “How did you have the courage to leave your job?”

I believe in MyBodyTutor more so than anything I have ever done. I know consistency is the key to your success and I know what we do will help you stay consistent like no other service in the world. Anything and everything that gets in the way of consistency we’ll help you get through.

I needed to do what I loved doing, and I wanted to make a difference. As corny as it sounds, I wanted to change the world.

It turns out we are… one client at a time.



What Do You Do When You Believe In Something More Than Anything?

You don’t stop.

My conviction and confidence in what we do is a result of how many people we’ve helped since 2007. I sincerely believe MyBodyTutor is the best program out there. And it’s not just because I say it is.

It’s because of the incredible results we’ve been able to get for our clients. It’s based on what our clients have tried before MyBodyTutor and what they’re telling us every day.

It’s because of success stories like Lynda, Tammi, Joe, Sharmin, Laurie, Stephanie, and countless others

People who were seriously skeptical because of everything else they'd tried but saw something different in our program and gave us a chance.

That chance is all I ask of you. I know you’ll love what we’re about.

I look forward to making you our next success story!

To a happier, healthier and fitter you,

-Adam Gilbert

Founder and Chief Body Tutor

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