Our tutors know how to get you the results you want and will help you get through anything and everything that gets in the way.

Our tutors are highly trained and have years of experience helping people reach their health and fitness goals. Not only are they very knowledgeable, but they're dedicated and love what they do.

We are lucky enough to be able to be very picky about who we ask to join our team. We get dozens of requests every month but turn most of them away. Why? Because I know we're only as good as our tutors—so I'm confident that you'll be in great hands.

Meet the Tutors


Here are some questions you might have:

How do I get matched with a tutor?

When you join, we’ll send you a questionnaire via email. Based on your answers, we’ll personally pair you with a tutor who we think would be the best fit for you.

What happens if my coach isn't a good match?


Since 2007, only a handful of clients have requested a new tutor. However, if you'd prefer a different tutor, let us know, and we’ll pair you with a new one right away. No hard feelings. We want you to be happy and, most importantly, successful.

How many clients does each tutor work with?

A lot less than you might think. Our goal is to make each client feel like they’re the only client.

Can I request a tutor?

Sure, if you’d like. Although, we’re very good at matching clients with tutors based on your questionnaire.

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