Haley P.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but as I was growing up I was being exposed to emotional eating, disordered eating, and torturous relationships with food and body image. I wouldn’t realize the depth of damage it could cause until I was well into adulthood. Now, looking back, I can appreciate that I’ve come to this point in my life with a continuously curious and graceful perspective about it all. I have learned to love where I came from – for what it has given to me.

As kids, we’re not choosing what we end up with as adults. But as adults, we can choose to ask for help, to brave hard things, to change what we don’t like, and to reinforce what we do like.

As adults, our greatest power is to get to know ourselves.

Having been with MyBodyTutor since 2011, I can say I’ve been where you are now. Sure, I was on this side of things…coaching. But, as a coach, I’ve insisted that I walk through the same fires as my clients. I’ve explored what it means to be truthful about what I have, what I feel, what I choose. And, ultimately, what I want.

I wish I could tell you that how we physically feel, from day to day, isn’t important. But the relationship we have with our physical body is the most important relationship we will ever have. When we get that straight, every relationship we have grows healthier – they all benefit.

Everything hinges on our relationship with our health. It’s not about hating what we have and disconnecting from what is, it’s learning to love it enough to want to get better.

I have two children of my own now, and I struggle daily with how to help them learn this. There are so many facets of our lives now that impact what we end up believing about ourselves – our bodies, our minds, our feelings. Shoot, I still struggle with how to be ok with my body, my mind, and my feelings. But I’m getting better all the time.

MyBodyTutor isn’t about fixing your food and working out harder. Sure, some of that might be part of what we do, but it’s truly about relationship work. It’s about learning what we personally need, and learning to communicate it with others.

It’s about truth, and getting ok with it.

The more we reveal it, the less our bodies hide us. The weight we carry falls away. Inside, and out.

I joined the team at MyBodyTutor because I saw a chance to help clients change their trajectory. When you join MyBodyTutor, you say to us that you know, deep down, you want something different. I acknowledge that it’s no small thing to ask us to support you. It’s the bravest step – and it speaks volumes that you have asked.

The best thing, the very best thing, about this program is that we get to be in relationship every single day. I am there for you every day; conversely, you give me the greatest pleasure by allowing me to walk with you on your wellness journey. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership that allows for success through consistent communication about where you are at each moment.

I already see where you are going, and I can’t wait to help you see it too.

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