Weight Loss Tips That Actually Make A Difference.

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Sam Parr

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In this FREE 7-day course, I'll share some of our best strategies, including:

  • The one skill that anyone can learn to beat pesky sugar cravings.

  • Before taking your first bite, there are 3 questions you must ask. (You won't find these questions in a book...but they will forever change your perspective on food.)

  • Why meal plans should never be "one size fits all." Learn what it takes to eat in a way you actually look forward to.

  • The single biggest “truth” behind the overeating struggle, and why - once you understand it - it changes everything.

  • What accountability is, how to use it, and, more importantly, why it's critical to sticking to your plan.

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Kevin Rapp



@MyBodyTutor your free mini course on weight loss is outstanding. I don't know a single trainer with a better understanding of human psychology.






@MyBodyTutor you have such an amazing understanding of #why we #eat #emotionally thank you for all you do and are! Your course is amazing!



Tony Rossi



#FF: @MyBodyTutor Then sign up for his mini course on weight loss. Incredible positive energy, very motivational, and so smart. Unlike anything I've read before.



Rishabh R. Dassani



@MyBodyTutor I read every tip you sent this week even though I am extremely busy. You've change how I approach "dieting" forever. So glad I came across your website. #grateful






@MyBodyTutor your mini course is outstanding. It's packed with so many nuggets and insights. I've learned so many new things.



Dr.* Dick Talens



Adam Gilbert @MyBodyTutor might be the smartest person I've ever read re: fitness psychology, ever. I strongly recommend signing up for his free course on weight loss.



Weight Loss Tips That Actually Make a Difference

Feeling stuck and frustrated? Our FREE email course is here to save the day! We'll send you 7 days of tips and strategies that are better than anything you've ever read.

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