Hi! I'm Danielle. I'm a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and wellness coach.

I was always fairly active, but fitness didn't become a big part of my life until I endured a health challenge in 2015. After months of feeling crummy all the time, I was determined to feel strong and awesome instead.

This reignited my passion for movement, and I dove head-first into learning everything I could about nutrition. At first I struggled with nutrition because I knew I was never going to stick to anything restrictive. I LOVE to cook and baking bread is one of my favorite hobbies. I love to travel and try new restaurants, and I didn't want to give any of that up. I eventually realized I didn't have to. The allure of quick results was strong, but I had spent such a long time feeling sick and miserable that I couldn’t stand the idea of restricting so much joy out of my life to chase a quick fix. The end result wouldn't be worth it if I had to give up so many things.

I knew I had to build a foundation of healthy habits. In the process, I transformed not only my body but my entire life. I ultimately lost 50 lbs and have maintained this loss for 5 years. I still cook and bake and travel and enjoy meals out, but the skills I learned allow me to find balance without ever feeling deprived. And my excitement for discovering that this is, in fact, possible inspired me to want to help others build this sort of intentional life for themselves.

I moved to Metro Detroit from Cleveland in early 2020, and am now so fortunate to have built a life I love helping people achieve their potential and feel their best.

Low-impact, high-intensity exercise is my jam. I currently coach rowing and Lagree Fitness. I work with many diverse populations, helping people of all ages and abilities discover movement that they love and make long-term, sustainable changes to support better health.

If you ever can't find me, it's probably because my partner and I took our dog Herbie on a trip through one of our National Parks in our camper, Vando Calrissian. I also love all things space, and enjoy any excuse to escape the city lights with my telescope in tow.

Why I joined My Body Tutor:

I believe that the best gift we can give ourselves is to design a life that allows us to feel and do our best. My Body Tutor takes a holistic and long-term approach to weight loss goals by teaching us skills and helping us create habits that will do just that. You aren't giving anything up -- you're ADDING to your life! The individualized attention is unparalleled. MBT Tutors are invested in the whole YOU. Knowing someone is in your corner, cheering you on every single day is so powerful.

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