Adam G.

I think it’s kind of strange when people write about themselves in the third person, however, a bio has to be written in a third person so here it goes:

Adam Gilbert, a nationally recognized health, fitness and motivational expert and trainer, is the Founder and Chief Body Tutor of MyBodyTutor, a company he created to help people stop making excuses when it comes to health and fitness, by providing daily and personal accountability like no other company in the world.

Adam is regularly featured in the national media as: Good Morning America, U.S. News & World Report, Conde’ Nast Publications, Shape Magazine, Inc. Magazine,,,,,, Huffington Post, Thrillist, and countless other national media. He has been a featured guest on over a dozen major radio stations throughout the country.

He is a syndicated author on topics ranging from recognizing business opportunities, customer service, marketing and following your passion to nutrition, exercise, discipline and motivation. He writes a regular column for a Conde’ Nast publication where he is the current resident health and fitness expert. Adam was named a 2008 ‘Millennial Leader’.

Prior to starting his latest venture, Adam worked at Ernst & Young for two years in the hedge fund and private equity practice, where he realized first hand just how easy it was to make excuses. Adam felt that life was way too short to not love what you do and combined his life-long passions of health and fitness, helping people and writing and married it with entrepreneurship to create his dream company.

While in college Adam created the Ultimate Discount Card, which provides discounts to college students along with various other successful ventures. Before turning over the reins, Adam saturated his school, Binghamton University, and formed a partnership with Student Advantage.

A little more (and no more third person!):

Passions: Making a difference, doing work worth doing, inspiring people to be inspiring, and of course, helping people get (and stay) in the best shape of their lives.

My Favorite Place to Run:Along the East River next to the FDR Drive in New York City. There is nothing like it!

My All-Time Favorite TV show:If I had to pick one, I’d have to say the Sopranos although I loved Inspector Gadget when I was a little kid.

To learn more about me and how I think visit my blog at

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