Emily F.

Emily F.

I spent many years going back and forth between ALL SORTS of different diet and exercise plans without much visible or tangible success. I figured changing those things would in turn change how I looked which would then make me finally find the happiness that I was searching for. I was both relieved and slightly terrified when I realized that the change needed to come from a bit deeper within myself. During those years of dieting and exercising, I was also really struggling with depression and anxiety as well as my ADHD symptoms. These things were affecting and interfering with my everyday life and I felt stuck. One day, during a panic attack no less, someone suggested I try breathwork to help manage and cope with the attack. I had no idea what breathwork even was, but I searched online for a quick video because I was in a rough spot. Much to my amazement, it worked VERY well and brought me back to my baseline. 

That moment was a turning point for me - I then began a search for more things that could help alleviate my symptoms that didn’t involve adding more medications. I now incorporate breathwork, meditation, yoga, sound baths, and more, into my weekly routine. I love helping people to find what works best for them. Not everyone’s journey will look the same and it shouldn’t. When it comes to fitness, nutrition, and wellness in general, I believe what works best is incorporating things you enjoy into your schedule and making sure it is manageable and sustainable for the long term. 

What also helped me was I began to search within myself and get to know myself on a mental, physical, and spiritual level. I was then able to start shifting my mindset, truly loving myself, and changing my life for the better.

My Mantra: Movement - Mindset - Nutrition

I can help you shift your mindset around wellness - including how you eat and how you move, and begin to live the life you enjoy and deserve. Change your mindset, and begin to change your life.

I get what you’re going through because I’ve been there.  That is why I love helping people to make changes in their lives, access more happiness, and live the joyous and fulfilling life they deserve.

I was so excited when I discovered My Body Tutor. I love interacting with my clients on a daily basis, and this allows me to do just that. I like to help through every part of their journey - the good days, the bad days, and everything in between. I also love that MBT doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach and allows me to work with each client individually to determine what is the best path. So let us get started, and determine YOURS! 🙂

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