After a rough separation, and with two kids under two under my wing, I found myself stuck in a cycle. Actually, it wasn't a cycle anymore, it was a funnel. It felt like a funnel cloud around a tornado. And I knew that I either changed there and then or I wouldn't find my way out. I had to focus on picking myself up every time I fell back in (and I fell a lot!).

Slowly, but surely, I found what I really needed in life to thrive and to be a good example. I wanted to lead by example more than anything. I started noticing what foods made me feel better and which made me feel worse and which affected my kids also. I got a nutritionist to help me plan out my meals but soon realized that a lot of my eating wasn't hunger at all, I wasn't dealing with my emotional side, my feelings were completely neglected. So I decided to get myself a coach that would help me implement new healthier habits and to whom I had to show up to, whether I had done my work or not, and that really put a fire under me (and I still see her today!). I grew hungry for all knowledge about healthy living. I just dove into what I knew was the path to a better life- healthier nutrition, a healthier mind, and movement. While I read and studied about different ways to cope with feelings and stress, I tried everything I read about on myself, learned what worked best or not at all and what might help others around me.

Because of my newfound passion for wellness, I got a personal training certification, then I trained with IIN and I am currently taking a PN certification.

My drive to get myself healthier led to a desire to help others do the same - I don't see myself doing anything else. I want nothing more than to help others create healthier habits, and thereby, healthier lives

I wanted to join MyBodyTutor because of Adam's tenacity. I wanted to work with a company that does not give up on its clients when it gets hard. The amount of detail that goes into every aspect of the program is impressive and a labor of love. The daily accountability and feedback alongside creating lifelong healthy habits is unseen in other programs and a true gamechanger. I am thrilled to create real relationships with my clients and really get to know them. I'll show up - day in, day out - and show you the difference having someone on your side can make.

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