Emily M.

I love food! And for most of my life it wasn't a problem. But after the birth of my second child, things changed. At first, I expected to bounce right back to my pre-pregnancy weight. But a year went by and my weight never dropped. Then another year went by, and I still hadn't lost the weight. In fact, things went the other direction and I started putting on pounds.

By then it wasn't baby weight anymore—it was weight I gained from stress and emotional eating. Every day was a struggle against depression. And I coped with the stress by grabbing a burger, frozen custard, or other treat. At first, it was once in a while. Then I began to rely on the pick me up food would give me; I needed it to get through the day.

Raising babies is tough enough, but my lifestyle made it worse. I felt unmotivated, sluggish, and hopeless that anything would ever change.

But things did change for me! And it actually started with some small goals and simple steps. When I realized I was using food to cope with my stress, I got willing to try something different. I learned some new tools and began to practice a new mindful approach to eating.

The results have been great! I've dropped weight and gained new energy! I'm able to get outside and do more fun activities with my family. I enjoy my life way more. And, because I'm eating them mindfully (not mindlessly munching) I actually enjoy my treats more than I used to!

Maybe the best thing is that I've discovered a new passion to help other people lose weight and break free from the cycles that are holding them back. I love helping others achieve their goals and live the lives they love so I became a certified health coach.

Why I Chose to Work with MBT

I like MBT because it's simple to follow and has truly sustainable life-changing results. I'm not a gym-rat and I don't like restrictive diets. Those methods aren't for everybody. But MBT helps everyone become healthy and enjoy their lives. This isn't about giving up anything—it's about empowering people to make their own choices.

MBT is founded on a culture of compassion, inspiration, encouragement, and teamwork. I know what it feels like to feel stuck and you shouldn't have to live that way. So, let us help you. Together, we'll help you break through the barriers that have held you back.

It's time for you to live the life you want to live!

Weight Loss Tips That Actually Make a Difference

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