Hi, I'm Sena! I hold a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and have taken master's level classes in Human Nutrition. I also am a Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach and have extensive experience as a figure skating coach. As much as I value all of my training in the field of nutrition and exercise, I believe the ability to be a great coach is born out of lived experiences.

I am a former chronic Yo-Yo dieter and binge eater. If you struggle with all or nothing thinking, I'm your gal. Growing up as a competitive and then professional figure skater, I was constantly tempted by “quick fix” promises to weight loss that always backfired. It took years to understand that these methods only ever promoted the Yo-Yo cycle of dieting. Restrict, binge, regret and shame, repeat. As a student in the health field, equipped with all the right information, I finally realized this cycle was not sustainable and was having an immense impact on my day to day life and well-being in a multitude of ways. I became committed to the philosophy that we eat to live rather than living to eat, and while food can and should be enjoyable, it is not meant to be something we think about all day long. There was nothing inherently wrong with me, I was simply looking at food the wrong way and fueling my body in inconsistent ways.

Through mindset and sustainable habit shifts, I learned what it meant to fuel my body with adequate amounts of food that would power my figure skating sessions while not leaving me feeling deprived (and included all the foods that I love!). So believe me, I've lived the struggle and I know how important it is to find a balance that helps you achieve your goals that is also enjoyable enough to last your whole life. I strongly believe in looking at a person from a holistic perspective, and helping individuals determine a way of eating that works best for them and their unique lifestyles. I believe every trying experience happens for a reason, and I like to think my reason is to help others through their own food and weight struggles – I know how life-altering it can feel. This is the purpose that powers me every single day!

In my free time I enjoy partaking in all sorts of winter & summer sports, listening to podcasts, reading (especially books on psychology), painting, learning about astrology, laughing along to stand-up comedy, and petting my dog!

Why I chose MyBodyTutor:

I was drawn to MyBodyTutor because of the program's focus on sustainable weight loss and habit change through mindset shifts. If this was another gimmicky, unsustainable diet I would not be here. I have always yearned to find purpose in my work, and MyBodyTutor creates an optimal environment for that with its philosophy of not being in the business for repeat clients, unlike most of the health and fitness industry. Having gone through the struggle myself, I really resonate with MyBodyTutor's belief that each person is an individual first and foremost, and individuals need a unique and holistic approach to their goals. I have a deep sense of empathy for how difficult this journey can be, which makes me doubly determined to be there for you the whole way. I know how isolating this process can feel, and MyBodyTutor understands that eliminating that feeling of isolation through accountability and information can make a world of difference!

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