Hi, I’m Annabel. It’s a pleasure to meet you and I’m so excited to begin this journey towards supporting you in achieving YOUR goals and in shaping YOUR life.

So, a brief background on myself.

Health and Fitness is my number one passion, and I am so thrilled to have finally found the perfect job that allows me to support people through the process of self-discovery. This interest has evolved over the last 20 years and started when I decided to join a local running club. The training I undertook with fellow club runners inspired me to complete over 30 half marathons and 5 marathons. Whilst running most definitely helped tone me and provide a great social outlet/community, my relationship with food was still poor as were my eating habits. During the times when I was running low mileage, I neglected to fuel my body with essential nutrients required for performance and recovery. And when I increased the miles, I would reward myself with just a few too many carbohydrates!

Although my dedication and discipline helped prepare me for the challenges of motherhood, I was advised to take a break from endurance sport to address fertility concerns. This was tough to bear as marathon running had become part of my identity. Whilst my habits associated with endurance running were mostly positive, this change led me to a greater self-awareness in challenging even what I thought were my good habits. Our goals are always changing (sometimes through choice or through necessity) and it is how we adapt, progress and forge ahead that will give us the greatest satisfaction and ultimately happiness.

After having children, I left my previous career in Human Resources and followed my passion. I completed an Advanced Diploma in Diet and Nutrition and embarked on a learning journey around health and lifespan/longevity. As a result of this newly attained knowledge, I decided to reassess my own goals. And hence I began my CrossFit journey which I have been doing for just over two years. In the beginning, like most things we start, I experienced discomfort; however, by showing up consistently at the gym each day I can truly say I am now a CrossFitter plus I am proud of a new healthier and stronger physique.

More recently I have come to realize that my focus is around body composition and health/lifespan rather than the number on the scale. As a result, I now have increased energy, feel stronger and never feel deprived. Of course, I still love the occasional treat meal however I have learnt the importance of always getting back on track despite this plus eating with intention.

Why MyBodyTutor?

It has taken me years and years of trial and error plus sampling numerous ways of eating from Keto, Vegan, Intermittent Fasting and the 4-hour body to name only a few. All of which were great for the experience I gained but not for the results they personally gave me.

My Body Tutor on the other hand is so different and yet so simple through its fundamental concept of daily accountability. I will be there each day to ensure you stay on track, help you identify where you can change and support you in that change with an emphasis on tailoring a plan that is individual to YOUR own personal goals that is entirely customized. As your coach I will help you achieve your goals through a series of small decisions that will change your life forever. I look forward to working with you and taking you on a journey of self-awareness, habit building and consistency to become a healthier happier you!

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