Let me take you back to 2014 when my health was so bad I couldn’t even walk. And no, I am not exaggerating…At age 22 I suffered from severe lower back pain that led to sciatica and an inability to stand up straight. I was bloated all the time, had low energy, and slept til noon. I used to be so addicted to sugar and sweets that I would binge an entire bag of twizzlers in one sitting! I couldn't cut the sugar fix and it left me feeling exhausted, inflamed, and sick.

My routine was inconsistent with bartending some days until 5am and other days waking up at 5am to go to auditions and casting calls. If I booked an acting job, I was out of the city for several weeks or months at a time. I didn’t know how to balance health and fitness with my inconsistent and stressful schedule. I was miserable and didn’t even fully know it. How it impacted the way I showed up in my career, my relationships, and my life, I thought that was how life was supposed to feel.

It took me YEARS to finally understand why I couldn't quit these habits. Finally I’d had enough, after a devastating breakup, I decided I needed to make a change. I couldn’t live like this anymore. I’ve seen so many of my family, friends, and even myself struggle with fad diets and inconsistent workout routines, so I decided to become a Certified Personal Trainer, and eventually a Certified Nutrition Coach. It was important for me to take a different approach within the health and fitness industry. The only time I’ve seen true success in health and fitness is by developing habits, creating a routine, and making fitness a LIFESTYLE!

Why MyBodyTutor?

And that’s exactly why I’m here at MyBodyTutor. This isn’t a gimmick. This isn’t a fad diet. The daily accountability and the tangible tools we offer here at MBT help clients to not only achieve their fitness goals, but SUSTAIN them. As someone who’s now been in the Personal Training space for years, I know firsthand that it’s not about the new and fancy workout routine or diet, it’s about creating a new you. The years of fad diets are behind you, welcome to the new you, welcome to MyBodyTutor.

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