I started my fitness journey as a skinny teenager. I remember following a strict 3 month training program about a year or two after I started. By the end I thought I was jacked, but looking back now I laugh at what I considered jacked. My struggle has always been being able to add some shape to my lean structure.

As a result, I spent years learning how to tweak and refine my training, diet, and lifestyle to the point where I can be out of the gym for a month or more without any noticeable change in my physic (besides a slight decrease in strength and fitness levels) because of the solid foundation I’ve built. My two degrees in psychology, certification as a personal trainer and starting a food prepping company in my home town certainly helped with the journey, but the results did come with a few bumps along the way. I’ve had several injuries over the years that caused a lot of setbacks, but I got where I am because I refused to give up - and still do.

Your struggles may look different than mine, but the principles that will help you overcome them are the same. In the end, all you have to do is not quit. That may sound scary and easier said than done, but you’ll have me in your corner to make sure that you don’t. Guiding you every step of the way until you reach your goal. You have what it takes - you just need the right guidance and accountability, one day at a time.

Why I Joined MyBodyTutor:

My brother introduced me to MyBodyTutor when I was making some major career shifts. As I read up on it I realized, “Man! This program has EVERYTHING required to help people make the necessary changes to their lives to reach their health goals. High levels of accountability. Personalized coaching that doesn’t try to stick you in a mold. Coaches that are fully invested in helping their clients succeed no matter what challenges they face. A coaching platform that brings all of this together seamlessly.” I read the bios of many of the other tutors and thought, “This is my tribe.” Once I fully understood how MyBodyTutor works and why it exists, it was a no-brainer. My “WHY” that drives almost everything I do is “giving people hope by guiding them to perspectives and actions that help them elevate their lives” - and as a coach, MyBodyTutor is the space to do just that.

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