Welcome Friends!

For all my potential clients, I thought I should get a little personal so that you’ll get to know who your health coach is before we begin - since once we do, it’s all about you!

My passion in life is to help people lose weight AND create habits to keep the weight off without doing restrictive diets and starving yourself.

Yes, I have moments when I feel down and disconnected, but I also have the tools now to get right back where I want to be - physically, mentally and emotionally.

The Past:

I have though, stood in a place where I’m willing to bet that many of you stand now:

  • stuck

  • lack of energy

  • sugar cravings

  • desperately wanting to fit into your clothing

  • pissed off at will-power and discipline

  • at a losing battle with food, with your mind

  • losing the weight to only gain it right back.

The Now:

How I got from being stuck, to the "now" -- My biggest happiness-turning point started in my gut. I knew that I had to change. First, I started with food. Simple, whole clean foods that gave me a nutritional boost, balancing my digestion, mood, energy, AND 15 pounds lighter.

Second, I became certified as a health coach through the Health Coaching Institute. I learned what I truly wanted and desired, the mindset I needed to adopt to change situations and get out of my own rut. And I learned how to take responsibility for my emotions, my life, my pleasures, and my gratitude. Becoming the best version of me!

Good news for you -- I would love to share all this good stuff with you, so that you can become the best version of you!

SAY YES, AND SHOW UP FOR YOU! My approach to health is that every area in your life is connected. Like stress at work and overeating, emotional imbalances and cravings. This is very exciting because there are a few very small tweaks that can change everything!

What I do is I’m your mentor, the one who cares about your food cravings, energy, optimal weight, happiness, pleasures, and purpose. The one who is going to keep you on track and help when you are stuck. I am a master at HABIT CHANGE. Change your habits, and you will change your life.

Why I chose MBT:

I feel so grateful that I found MyBodyTutor. MyBodyTutor is different from any other weight loss company out there. You are not just a number but you become part of the family. The daily and personal accountability MBT offers is how we are able to develop REAL relationships and get results that will last a lifetime. This program is designed that this will be the last weight loss program you will ever do.

This is the decision you point to when people ask, "How did you do it?!"

It all started when you decided to give yourself the time to really jump start a new, healthy way of eating and cleaned out the junk and cravings that were holding you down or when you sat down with someone who know how it felt to be stuck, pissed off at will-power, desperately wanting to be madly in love with life and yourself, and even better: someone who knew what to do about it -- well, hello MBT!

This is the perfect company to partner with! Let’s turn your dreams into goals and achieve them together. My passion and your drive will lead to balance in your life and a healthier, happier you.

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