As a teenager in the 80's, I fell victim to every fad diet, every quick fix for the summer and felt chunky around my skinny friends. I was sporty and made people laugh, but felt 'less than' due to always being about 10 pounds heavier than I wanted to be. By the time I went to college, I had tried the six apples a day diet, the high fat diet, the low fat diet, the high carb diet, the no carb diet, the calorie controlled diet, the Diet Coke diet, the Special K diet, the yoghurt and raisins diet, the cabbage soup diet .... and on and on! This continued through college and out the other side. I had completely wrecked my metabolism.

So when I became pregnant for the first time, my biggest fear was, yes you've guessed it, putting on weight. I gained about 35 pounds with each of my four children. BUT, the awareness that I was more concerned about my waistline during pregnancy than I was the health of my children, was a big eye opener for me. What was I even thinking?!

I had to find some balance and that was hard for me - I only did extremes! Big weekend? Exercise furiously for a few days and don't eat, problem solved.

Figuring out the "why" was key - why the cakes, chocolate and cookies? Why the wine? Why the punishing exercise to straighten it all out? Once I discovered the answers to those questions, I found balance and I regained control of my food choices.

I want that for you. It's as simple as that.

I want you to believe that you can, with a little discomfort emotionally and physically, be whoever you want to be. I want you to decide what you want your identity to be, plan for that result and take the action necessary to get there.

I will relentlessly support you, as I know how it feels to finally get there.

Take a moment to picture that day: the day you already have in your mind, when you're finally there, in that dream outfit, happy, healthy and proud of who you've become. That's what lights me up! Getting you there!

My Body Tutor gets under your skin, that's why I was drawn to it as a company. We get you to ask the uncomfortable "whys," but then support you every single day of your journey - we all need that, we need someone in our corner, we need help, we're human and we struggle.

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