Hi there - I'm Sherri!

Unique as my story is, I am betting it sounds familiar to many people. A child of alcoholic parents, I found coping with the realities of that life challenging and often turned to food for escape and comfort. After marrying young, becoming a young mother, and losing my husband at a young age, I found solace in food and this time, alcohol. My health was quickly spiraling, and I was only moving further from who I truly wanted to be.

Years later, I remarried, and when that didn't work out, the old standbys were there once again - food and alcohol to cover my pain.

It was a cycle I felt desperate to find a way out of but one which I felt I had zero power to change.

Finally, at my lowest point, I gave up alcohol in February of 2020, and had the good fortune to discover MyBodyTutor in September of the same year.

It was time to face my demons, and at last, I didn't have to do it alone. I joined MyBodyTutor and braved the journey of self-discovery, learning to feel and endure the heartbreak of life, and growing into that woman I knew was inside - just waiting to come to life. Through the high-touch and personalized daily communication I had with my tutor, I learned how to finally stand on my own - no food, no alcohol, just raw and real me.

You may be wondering why I'm now on the other side of the table from you. It turns out, the woman I knew I was on the inside was a woman who wants to help others find their true selves, so I became a certified health coach. When I realized I could break the cycle, I discovered that I deeply believe anyone has the power within them to do the same. I am now on a mission - I have taken this journey myself, and I am committed to helping others do so as well.

What MyBodyTutor offers is unlike any other program you might come across. We don't stop at what is on your plate. We don't stop at the exercise you choose to do. We go deeper - we walk with you, each day, as you choose to work through the obstacles in your path to becoming your best self. Maybe weight loss is part of that - we can help! Maybe it's developing better coping mechanisms for the feelings we all feel - we do that too! Whatever it is you want for your health and wellness, we are relentless in the pursuit - and we hold you accountable until you have what you seek.

I took the leap.

I know the ropes.

I am ready, now, for you to do the same.

Are you ready?

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