I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and earned a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from Washington State University in the Spring of 2017. Growing up as a young kid I really enjoyed playing sports. However, because I was such a late bloomer I had to start training my body vigorously in order to excel. This was a quantum shift for me when I had to really work hard and do things I didn’t want to do in order to be competitive at sports. I started lifting weights in my early teens almost every day and at first I really hated it. It was a massive adjustment for me that took a while to feel like a normal part of my lifestyle—but eventually it did. I found that my “why” of being competitive athletically made the work worth it as I saw results and eventually I found a new positive feedback loop mentally in the hard training that was getting me closer to my goals.

I began competing in powerlifting in my late teens. By the time I got to college I was spending so much time training and getting my class work done that my diet went totally downhill. Although I was disciplined with my exercise routine, I found that I was not eating frequently and the quality of foods I was consuming was terrible. I was eating unhealthy foods to cope with stress and felt totally inept at making healthy meals in a timely manner that fit my busy schedule. As an adult I find myself working and training my body a lot as well. I have been able to find other means of coping with stress besides eating unhealthy foods and have learned to make healthy meals in a timely manner most importantly by understanding why it’s so important to me—To be able to sustain a productive work and training schedule without being plagued by low energy or health problems that could bring my ambitions to a halt. Initially, this also was very tough for me to improve but now eating more frequently throughout busy days and consuming healthy foods I actually enjoy eating have become well-ingrained habits within my lifestyle.

Choosing to work with MBT was a no-brainer for me! MBT really works to understand the core psychological roots of your health habits rather than making changes to the superficial layer of diet and exercise the way many programs do. A lot of focus is placed on getting to the deep, intrinsic nature of your current mindset, values, habits and lifestyle that are the real driving forces of your behavior rather than simply providing cookie-cutter diet and exercise advice—which is typically unsustainable because the underlying issues remain unaddressed. The MBT program works with you to create a customized, individualized program designed around your goals, lifestyle, food and exercise preferences. Daily logging is seamless to complete and can be done on our app or webpage where tutor feedback is provided to help improve support as well as personal accountability. We really work side by side with our clients through all their struggles and focus on making your progress a lifelong change!

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