Hi there! My name is Lianne and I am an ACE Certified Health Coach. I’d love to take some time to explain my educational background, my own personal health battles, and why I have chosen to coach with MyBodyTutor.

I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology as well as a Master’s degree in Coaching and Leadership. My passion has always been serving others and helping people to achieve their goals. In my opinion, health is something that is often taken for granted until it is gone.

When I was twenty years old I was diagnosed with “general autoimmune disorder” which meant I had so many diseases going on at the same time (markers for Lupus, Shogrins) that there wasn’t a single diagnosis. Due to this, my kidneys failed (and I have Stage Four Kidney Disease from that initial attack) and then at age twenty-five, Autoimmune of the Liver occurred and my liver failed (which I have since been able to heal). As a young woman, I had to decide to fight for my life if I wanted to see my thirties. I changed my eating habits, I started to exercise, I found ways to cope with stress, and ultimately I healed my body.

Now, nine years later, I no longer have markers for autoimmune disease. I no longer carry the extra weight gained during organ failure. I no longer am on TONS of medication and I no longer need infusion treatments every six months that used to cost me thousands of dollars.

So why MyBodyTutor? Because they believe in holistic, personalized plans that zero in on what the client needs and deserves. We don’t shy away from discomfort here at MBT- we embrace it, and I know firsthand how crucial that is to a successful Health Journey. I am so happy you found me, are you ready to change your life? Good- let’s do it together!

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