Hi, my name is Annette! I’m a Master Certified Health Coach, wife and stepmom.

I’ve always been really dedicated to my work and struggled for years with balancing my career and the rest of my life. Work often came first, before everything else. I knew I needed to focus more on my health and often told myself I’d work on it when I had more time. I have a family history of cancer and heart disease, and yet I continued to push my health aside for a long time. That’s until both my parents passed at an early age, 4 months apart. It was a really hard time in my life and what an eye opener! At that point I decided it was time to start making changes.

It was gradual, incorporating more and more into my days over time. I became more consistent with the changes I was making and that was a game changer. For several years I traveled a lot, domestic and international, so it was even more challenging but I continued pressing toward the healthier and more energetic person I wanted to be. One step at a time.

I developed a strong passion for health and wellness and wanting to serve and help other people. I tried so many fad and quick fix diets and programs over the years. Now it’s about a balance that works for me and my schedule. I focused on developing habits like fueling my body with nutritious foods, moving more, planning and prepping meals and snacks, reading labels to better understand what’s in the food I’m eating, more self-care, and more time with family. My thought process, my mindset around healthy living is much different now and I focus more on the long-term, enjoying a long and healthy life. Is it perfect? Nope, I’m not perfect, but I do my best each day.

Why did I join MBT?

MBT’s program is about so much more than food and movement. It’s not a one-size-fits-all by any means. It’s designed to be a personalized approach that works for you and your life. We’ll work together to create a plan that’s sustainable, a lifestyle rather than a diet. You’ll have tools you can use forever that work for both your health and your life. The daily accountability enables me to develop real relationships with my clients, to get to know them and become their partner. MBT makes it so easy for me to give daily feedback to my clients. And Adam and Haley are amazing and so supportive.

Unsure about joining? Call Adam and he will answer your questions and put your mind at ease. I’m excited to support you, guide you, be your accountability partner, and celebrate your wins every step of the way. There will be ups and downs, but rest assured we will work on them together until we reach your goals!

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