Hi, my name is Ruth! For over a decade I have been helping people with their physical well-being, both as a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and as a Certified Health Coach. I started on my own personal health journey about 7 years ago when I decided I was tired of back pain, frequent stomach aches, fatigue, and being too intimidated to go to the gym. Though I wasn't looking for significant weight loss, I knew I needed more energy, to have a better relationship with food, to feel better overall, and to get my confidence back. And with effort, I did! It didn't happen overnight. It took diligence, perseverance, and many mindset changes, but I am thrilled to say I feel better in my 30s than I did in my 20s. As a wife and mom, I know that being my best physically and mentally is the best gift I can give to my family.

I want that for you – I want you to feel your best! I want you to be confident, have energy, and believe in your own ability to change. As a Health Coach I make it my mission to teach my clients how to make sustainable changes in their health, so they don't need the next fad diet or restrictive plan. We will work together to find what works with your lifestyle to achieve the results that you desire. I am ready to walk this journey with you so you can feel and look your best!

Why I chose MyBodyTutor:

I was drawn to MyBodyTutor because they really focus on addressing the behaviors around eating and lifestyle choices. This focus to dig deeper with our clients is what will push people to long term change and not just a quick fix that will wear off soon. I love that they not only value the daily tracking of habits but the daily communication with coaches which provides clients the motivation and support that they need for success!

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