I grew up with a single mother who fed me anything we could afford, namely highly processed foods that came in a box or bag. I knew nothing about nutrition. My saving grace was that I played sports in school. I could go to practice then binge on whatever was in the house. It took me entering college and not playing sports to realize I couldn’t just eat whatever I wanted without consequences. I gained weight and my body began paying the price. Fatigue, achy joints, and an overwhelming feeling of just blah hit me hard.

As someone who is a bit of a recovering extremist, I overcorrected… of course. I cut my calories and worked out like a fiend. Now don’t get me wrong, I lost weight. But I absolutely ruined my relationship with food and didn’t feel any better physically. I would restrict myself to only a small amount of “good” food until I couldn’t anymore. Then I would binge. Then the self-loathing would creep in, and I would punish myself by restricting calories more. Does this vicious cycle sound familiar?

One day I decided I didn’t want to live like that anymore, but I didn’t know any other way. I got certified as a personal trainer, earned a bachelor's degree in kinesiology and became a certified nutrition coach. I also took a particular interest in habit building and the psychology around health and fitness.

I healed my relationship with food and with my body. My mission in life is to help others do the same. I know how confusing and lonely this journey can be. I wish I had someone to show me the way and make the process a little less painful. Let me be that person for you!

I joined MyBodyTutor because they share my same values. It’s important that clients build sustainable habits and learn skills they can carry with them for a lifetime. MyBodyTutor knows clients can’t make those changes or learn those skills without doing the mental work. Most companies don’t care about how their clients feel, they care about the movement of the number on the scale. At MyBodyTutor, my goal is to help you feel your best inside and out!

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