I grew up an avid, multi-sport athlete and played basketball and soccer through the collegiate level. I always worked out, but started to struggle with my weight in high school because I had a poor relationship with food, and used exercise to solve all of my problems. News flash, it didn’t.

From my teens to twenties I tried crazy, unsustainable diets that never stuck and made me sick! I clearly recall the day I realized what I was doing was never going to work. It was like a lightbulb went off in my head and I started to change my eating. I still eat absolutely any food I want, I just have checks and balances as to how much and how often I eat foods that aren’t ideal sources of energy. I never feel deprived or that I’m missing out, ever!

After having my children, I got into racing in triathlons and became a fitness instructor teaching yoga, cycle, pilates, etc., as well as becoming an ACE certified personal trainer. I have always loved fitness and have a passion for changing people’s lives to become the very best version of themselves. It wasn’t until I dove into personal development about five years ago, that I realized I was still exercising too much and not paying attention to the mental health aspect of life. Exercise is awesome, but we need more tools in our tool box than going for a run or to the gym every time we are stressed. So I started coaching people on their mindset, and why they do things, and helping them understand we can trade certain behaviors we want to stop, for others that will bring us towards our goals.

As a very recent empty nester, I was thrilled to find My Body Tutor as I was looking for a program that aligned with my beliefs. The care and thought that Adam and Haley have put into the program is beautiful. I love that there are no strict diets, mostly behavior shifting and mindfulness. The things that are taught are practical and easy to incorporate, but the key here is having a human to keep you accountable! When we change what we do daily, over time, we get permanent results. I have helped people in the gym for years, and I can’t wait to help more people now with MBT!

P.S. When I teach or coach, I like to bring with it laughter and fun. Serious life subjects can have levity and humor injected. This is all a journey after all, let's enjoy the ride : )

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