Hey! I’m Kirklin, a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and CrossFit Coach. That alone might lead you to believe that a healthy relationship with food might’ve come easy to me (I wish!!).

I grew up dancing and playing sports, getting into the weight room as a 13 year old changed my life. I’ve always had a strong body but a wild appetite. I used to keep a bag of chocolate chips hidden in my room as a teenager - chocolate has always been my weakness.

I yo-yo dieted through college, always trying the next big diet to finally lose the weight that I was tired of carrying around. I’d undereat all week then go crazy on the weekends. Not the greatest diet for a very active dance major lifting weights with her friends at night.

After college I settled into an office job in Utah and realized quickly that going from being on my feet all day to sitting down for 8+ hours was changing my body dramatically. Yes, I was still exercising and eating sparingly, so where was the weight coming from? 

To make matters worse, I married a man with a love for the gym but a fierce sweet tooth. That certainly didn’t help me stay on track but it has taught me how to indulge without regret or shame. My husband never feels guilt about the food he’s eating and that helped me change my relationship with food. 

A year later, I left that office job a few years ago to chase my passion - fitness and health. I got certified to coach Crossfit and started coaching at my gym. Then added a personal training certification so I could help people one-on-one improve their movement and establish healthy fitness routines. I noticed that nearly every client had the same struggle - their nutrition was holding them back from actually achieving their goals. So, I jumped right in and got a nutrition coaching certification as well. 

Now, here I am! Coaching other people on their health journey through MBT and still coaching at the CrossFit gym. You can hand people a barbell and teach them how to move but if you don’t hand them the tools to navigate their relationship with food, they may never have the relationship with their body they came to the gym looking for.

Why MyBodyTutor?

What helps us step out of the diet cycle and into our own health? Changing our habits. You can know everything about healthy eating but nothing about how to change your habits and stay in the same diet cycle for the rest of your life. MyBodyTutor isn’t a diet program, it’s an opportunity to work one-on-one with a coach to understand and change your habits. The daily accountability provides you with someone to bounce ideas off of so that you can take sustainable steps to a happier, healthier you. My goal is to help you find the habits that work for you to live the life you love.

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