Hi, I'm Amy! I'm a former champion serial dieter. I'm a fit foodie with a passion for wellness, loving life and helping you be the best you can be! I started dieting around age 14 (though I was sensitive about my protruding belly by age 9). I have a vivid memory of waiting for my turn on the uneven parallel bars at gymnastics camp and a teammate looked me up and down, sneered and said "you do know you're too chunky to be a competitive gymnast, don't you?" And so it began.

I was not fat, just broad and big boned with a soft belly. Sadly, the insidious body conscious seed had been firmly planted in my head from that moment on. Despite devouring every weight loss book I could get my hands on, trying every single diet ever invented and exercising religiously, I almost always carried an extra 20 pounds more than I wanted. And I carried it well. Inside I felt like a back up singer in the concert of my life and all I ever wanted to do was to sing the lead! I'd like to think that losing the weight helped me to harness my inner JLo :)

Fast forward a few decades, through tweaks, trials, tribulations and lots of patience and consistency… I finally lost those 20 lbs once and for all!. I'm a firm believer in bio individuality. MBT is not a one size fits all plan. I now know what truly works for me day in and day out and allows me to enjoy food, travel, socialize and continue to devour recipe books for pleasure. I've maintained my weight loss for years and I finally feel comfortable in my own skin. I can't wait to join you on your journey. I'm so excited to work with you to help you live your best life!

Fun Facts and how I will help you live your best life through My Body Tutor:

  • I’ve been married to my best friend for 30 years. We have 3 amazing (if I do say so myself) children. One daughter in Law School, a daughter who is a UI/UX designer, a son in college, and a very lovable caramel colored Cavapoo named Brody, who likes people much than he likes other dogs.

  • I have more than 20 years experience coaching business professionals and athletes.

  • I've worked with an NBA team and a D1 Men's basketball team in managerial roles but I was influential in their nutrition and fitness programming.

  • I am thrilled to be in a role in which I can finally blend my passion for health and wellness with my background in professional Human Resources and coaching.

  • I am not a quitter. I will help you to trust the process and together we will figure it out. You are not alone! I will support you every step of the way.

  • If you know your WHY, I will help you find your HOW!

  • I love to laugh and have a good time…but I'm not afraid to be tough when necessary. I know how to bring out the best in people. I can be compassionate and brutally honest simultaneously.

  • When my husband and I got married we quit our jobs and traveled around the world with backpacks for the better part of a year.

  • I'm a reality TV junkie. A few of my faves are 90 day Fiance, The Bachelor and Dr. Pimple Popper :)

  • I love comedy, theater, traveling, cooking, and trying out new recipes and restaurants.

  • I have Autoimmune Thyroid Disease, PCOS and I'm at the start of menopause... so if I can lose the last 20 pounds and sit comfortably here in my size 2 jeans….then I'm certain I have what it takes to help you too…with MBT.

  • This is a marathon not a sprint... we just need to keep moving towards your goals and the progress may not be linear. And that's OK!

  • I promise to coach you with Truths, not Rules.

  • Let's do this! I got you!

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