Hi, I'm Courtney and few things drive me in life like health & wellness, travel and food. After years of exploration, these have become my true personal and career focuses. Here's how it all came about….

When I was growing up I was always so active, sports for a couple hours a day, running around with friends and the metabolism of a teenager didn't hurt either! Even in college I was still in pretty good shape. The Freshman 15 didn't come on for me until about my senior year, then it just hit (I'm short by the way, so more than 5 pounds is very noticeable), I gained about 15-20 pounds, went up multiple sizes, had to buy new clothes, and not in the fun way!

I remember being so upset and frustrated with how exhausted I was feeling because I wanted to get back on track but nothing was working and I didn't really know how. So I would just sit at home and sulk. I was super uncomfortable in my clothes (especially being so bloated all the time) and too exhausted to enjoy going out with my family and friends (and I'm a very social person) and if I did, no pictures please.

I just felt like crap most of the time, my gut wouldn't digest anything properly, I'd look in the mirror and see that pouch under my belly button, my love handles, my thunder thighs and just think to myself, GROSS, you're definitely not attractive and everyone knows it!

Instead of a beaming, radiant complexion and excited spark of energy that I used to have, I looked dull, lackluster and felt so moody, tired and depressed. I would say to myself,”how did this happen?” I used to be so pumped and energetic about everything, now I barely want to go to the store let alone the gym. I'm a strong believer in living your best life, live your purpose and I wasn't doing that. I knew something had to change!

I'd always been interested in boxing, so I found a gym, mustered up the energy to go and things just took off from there. The support I was getting, not only from the instructors but other members was amazing. I was surrounded by like-minded people who were all so positive and uplifting. Yes, we were there to workout but we were also building a community, a community without judgement but accountability, a community that supported everyone's goals, no matter how little or big.

I began to love how I looked, I was confident with my body, not because of the weight shift either. There was no more negative self-talk, no more covering up at the beach or hiking my jeans over my belly or posing to make it look like I had a thigh gap (yep, I did that…)!

I started understanding how important my own health and wellness were. It wasn't just about the necessity of taking care of myself, I actually enjoyed doing it. I felt better not just physically but emotionally, I looked better, and my passion for teaching was coming out.

This is what lead me to become a boxing instructor and eventually a holistic coach, it seemed naturally like a good fit. I want to be able to pass along the knowledge that still inspires and motivates me to be the happiest, healthiest human I can be. I strongly believe that by taking small steps we can instill habit change which will create a happier, more positive lifestyle!

And food, yes I LOVE food, I love hosting dinners, going out for meals, trying new things (definitely part of why I gained those 15 pounds) which stems from my years of working in hospitality and living abroad. The knowledge I've gained being around so many different kitchens, countries and cuisines continues to grow and inspire me. While I definitely indulge occasionally, I enjoy creating healthy, hearty meals for myself and others. Just because you're cooking healthy, doesn't mean your meal has to be boring.

I want to show you that creating a healthy lifestyle can be fun, hard at times, of course, but that's life!

You don't have to give up parties, vacations, social time, all the things, to live a healthier lifestyle! We just have to create new habits so we can still hit our goals!

I'm here to be part cheerleader and part-tough love coach. I'll provide you with the tools and techniques to help you create the lifestyle you want, all you have to do is trust the process and use them! And I'll be here to support you every step of the way, even when times get tough and you want to give up on yourself, I most certainly will not give up on you!

Why did I choose MBT?

I wanted to become an MBT coach because I wholeheartedly believe in the approach taken with this program. This isn’t a one size fits all, we’re not all the same, what works for one person might not work for another, and we get to work together with our clients to determine that.

What makes this program unique is that we focus on what you get to have, rather than what you don’t. Suffering to heal doesn’t make sense. I want to inspire you to reclaim your health in a way that is sustainable, natural and fun. And, I’m already so proud of you for taking the first and hardest step, signing up!

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