Hi, I'm Jaema!

I started my journey to health coaching after receiving a life changing diagnosis of breast cancer a few years back. I had always been active throughout my life and a long time vegetarian! But I discovered that cancer doesn't discriminate. Treatment which included surgery gave me a lot of time to think about healing and the direction of my life.

Survival literally changed my perspective. I used to take everything for granted and suddenly I became aware that life is short and it's important to live every moment to its fullest! I asked, what can I do with this second chance at life and the answers came quickly. I became a dedicated student of meditation, started walking and eventually trained for several 5ks and half marathons. My life is driven by rigorous honesty, change for the better, and the determination to make a difference by helping others get their lives back on track!

The second act of my journey has given me 7 years of service and sponsorship in the recovery community. The power of consistent personal commitment to recovery has taught me that personal accountability is the cornerstone of personal transformation, physically as well emotionally and intellectually. As a coach, I dedicate myself to your transformation on the inside and out!

Why MyBodyTutor?

Life is to be lived, played and embraced! The tools of My Body Tutor will give you the edge to control your choices and not be controlled by them. My philosophy meshes with the core basics: a program dedicated to much more than helping you reach the perfect number on the scale! My Body Tutor is different because it fundamentally supports that each of us is much more than a number- you are a whole person that can make sustainable changes by committing to accountability, desire to change and the willingness to look at the motivations behind lifelong habits!

Self care is my mantra but that includes regular excursions to local world-class eateries in search of the perfect ramen, blintzes, falafel or designer pizza! Our journey begins now!

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