Hey there! I’m Janeen, a mindfulness enthusiast and Register Yoga Teacher, with over 10 years in the wellness/fitness industry. I received a personal training certification in 2011 from AFAA and have had an adventurous ride with health and fitness for myself, clients, and community.

I’m truly a lover of all things sweet and delicious which led me down a challenging path during pregnancy and postpartum. Coping with the emotions of postpartum depression, new parenting, sustaining a happy and healthy marriage, and balancing a career, made personal wellness practically impossible. After gaining a substantial amount of weight after baby number one and baby number two, I realized my late-night cravings and overindulgences with sweets and snacks was due to a deeper hunger and desire. I had to rebuild my relationship with myself. Cultivating an honest and transformative perspective paired with diligence, facing fears, and grace allowed me to redefine my relationship with food, movement, and MYSELF, inviting the happiness, love, and freedom I was truly hungry for.

What I love about MyBodyTutor is that this coaching community offers the core components to change YOUR LIFE, not just to lose weight, but to release barriers and break through mental blocks. Even better, we teach you how to ACTIVATE YOUR POWER to redefine YOUR LIFE through a transformative perspective, daily connection, and action-oriented support. Wanna lose weight, increase your joy, and live the life you dream about? I’d love to support you on your personal journey, designing a plan that meets both your desires and your needs, to cultivate a life changing experience that activates life ling confidence, happiness, and freedom!

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