I’m a firm believer that health is the foundation for your greatest life! It will help you in business, your relationships, and your recreational activities.

When you have your health, you’re able to chase your dreams, have the energy to live each day to the fullest and optimize your body and mind. But I didn’t always have this belief……

At first, I was forced into the gym for 6am workouts during high school golf. I hated it!

By the time I entered college, I was 150 pounds, wakeboarding professionally, and traveling around the state and doing flips in the air. One wrong landing could mean a blown out knee and the end of my career…so I started to muscle up.

At the time, my theory was “building muscle around my joints will protect me from injury.” I dove head first into training and nutrition and packed on 30 pounds over the next 3 years.

Thankfully, I never blew out a knee but two severe concussions made it an easy decision to finally hang up the board.

During that time, I went through a significant amount of trial and error in my own nutrition and workouts. I made a lot of mistakes and wasted plenty of time and money trying strategies that didn’t pan out.

However, I knew I wanted to share everything I had learned with others and help them on their own fitness journey. I opened a nutrition store and loved every minute of it! I continued to learn and dove deeper into nutrition research. Each day, I wrote custom meal plans and shared as much knowledge as possible with all my customers.

After 7 years of owning and operating my store, I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work with many different individuals – college athletes trying to increase their performance, busy parents trying to maintain a healthy weight while balancing family life, and working professionals who wanted to lose weight with a demanding travel schedule.

Despite the variety of goals, there were two recurring themes.

First, health starts with food. This lead me to volunteer at an organic farm, fill my backyard with gardens, and become obsessed with how food influences our lives – both physically and mentally. I love sharing the benefits of real, whole food along with simple preparation methods.

Second, I learned the best plan is the one you can actually stick to long term. If it’s not easy to integrate into your current life then it won’t be sustainable.

When the opportunity to sell my stores came along, I jumped on it. I want to focus my efforts on helping individuals one-on-one to achieve their own health and fitness goals. I want to share healthy habits and comprehensive strategies around nutrition, movement, sleep and stress management that help guide you in building the foundation for your best life.

Why I joined My Body Tutor:

My Body Tutor is a program that’s dedicated to your success! It’s a proven platform to get you results through daily communication and accountability. I can guide you every step of the way and we will close the gap from where you are, to where you want to be.

It allows me to provide real time solutions and feedback based off any challenges that may arise. We stay laser focused on your goals to efficiently and effectively get you the results you desire.

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