My name is Twila and I'm a certified Personal Trainer and a certified Nutrition Coach. I have spent my entire adult life focussed on healthy living, but it wasn't until my children started “leaving the nest” that I started to focus on fulfilling my deepest desire to help others find their own wellness and transform their lives through the doorway of diet and lifestyle. This is my time to rediscover my passion and pursue it to the fullest and here I am, living the dream!

I have watched too many of my friends and relatives suffer the effects of lifestyle-related diseases – be it diabetes, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure – the list goes on. When my father died at an early age, I committed to dedicating my life to educating myself and others on ways we can live a healthful, active life through lifestyle modification. As your tutor I will challenge you to look in the mirror and see the limiting beliefs that are currently holding you back from reaching your wellness potential. I will work with you, in a holistic way, to take inventory of such things as your diet, exercise and mindset and seek the root cause of your weight concerns. No quick fixes, no magic shakes, no extreme diets! I will be your #1 supporter and we will navigate this journey together.

Why did I join My Body Tutor?

There are many health and wellness coaching programs out there, but very few dedicate themselves to the individual client the way MBT does. There is no one size fits all approach to weight loss and the program designed for you will be unique to your own DNA. MBT's philosophy of weight loss puts 100% of the focus on our clients needs and individual lifestyles. As your tutor, I will work with you to transform yourself in a way that is sustainable and flexible (indulgences along the way are a given). Will there be bumps in the road? Absolutely! Will there be times of uncertainty and frustrations? Likely! This is where I come in. As your tutor, I will help you overcome any obstacles that may get in the way of success and will be there to ease you forward in the process of regaining control of your healthy and wellness.

So, are you ready to crush your goals? Are you prepared to receive compliments on how great you look? Are you ready to take control of your life? Let's do it together!

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