Hello! I'm Margeaux, a yoga instructor, personal trainer, and nutrition coach.

When I was young, I was more of a nerd than a jock. Instead of playing sports, I spent my time reading and baking cookies! After getting married and having a baby in my early twenties, however, friends introduced me to yoga, strength training, and rock climbing. The joy of movement surprised and intrigued me.

These practices helped me manage anxiety and depression in a way nothing else had. As I grew physically stronger, I found the self-confidence to shape a life that was much richer and fuller than I could have imagined possible. I am committed to helping others make consistent, enriching movement a central part of their lives.

When it comes to food, I understand what it means to use food to address emotional difficulties. I've been on both sides of the spectrum: over restricting and obsessively counting calories in an attempt to gain control, AND using junk food and wine to navigate loneliness, boredom, grief, and other emotions. Peace with food is possible, though. Through education and practice, I've learned to nourish myself both emotionally and physically with food. You can get there too!

Why I chose MyBodyTutor:

As a veteran of the fitness industry, I've seen all the crazy ways people try to change their bodies and their relationships with food. MyBodyTutor is the solution to the problems I saw every day while training clients in a big box gym. Anyone can give you a strict meal plan and a complex exercise program. I've done it myself many times. It took me years of experience to realize that sustainable fat loss requires permanent habit recalibration. This is the core premise behind MyBodyTutor's relational coaching program. There is so much nonsense and deception in the fitness industry, but MyBodyTutor is the real deal!

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