Hi! I’m Jeremy. If you’re reading this, you are probably in one of two situations:

1.) You joined MBT and want to learn more about the Tutors. If that’s the case, congrats! We’re pumped you’re part of the family.


2.) You’re on the fence and haven’t decided if this is something you want to do. If that’s it, I’d encourage you to start now!


Because I was in the same spot you are. Before I was a Tutor, I was a client—undecided on whether I wanted to join or go at it alone.

Before joining, I watched the number on the scale creep higher and higher while I struggled to keep it in check.

I was reading weight loss books, watching workout videos, and using calorie-tracking apps. But I wasn’t making any headway. It was too easy for me to give up when I didn’t see any progress or when things got hard.

That’s when I joined MBT and experienced the power of consistency and accountability.

Having a Tutor there to keep to your word, give you a motivation boost, and celebrate your success makes all the difference!

What I learned with MBT (and what you will to) is how to eat for the right reasons. And knowing WHY is like stepping outside of a fog. You can clearly see your eating triggers and put yourself in the driver’s seat.

With MBT, I lost 40 lbs and I’m healthier and stronger than ever.

A Little About Me
I’m a husband, father, and a former United States Marine. I have an 11 year old son and a Weimaraner puppy that keep me on the go! So when it comes to tight schedules and finding time to get it done, I can definitely relate.

Here are a couple facts about me:

– I’m completely fascinated with behavioral science and learning why we do what we do. Also, I absolutely love listening to podcasts and watching YouTube.
– I love working out while binge watching TV shows! My favorite? It’s hard to pick, but Game of Thrones is my latest addiction.

Why Did I Join MyBodyTutor?
Because MBT is changing lives. I know because it changed mine. And, for me, there’s nothing more rewarding than helping clients achieve things they didn’t think were possible.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes: “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” — Mark Twain

Let’s get started!!

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